Training session

Fitness 4 All- Kennington

Thursday, 16th of November 2017
Led by Joel Wiles

4 runners ran 3.0km on a training session in Southwark.

  • Joel Wiles
  • Dawn Gibson
  • Lucy Rimmington
  • Frances Roche

4 speed seekers zoomed around Cleaver Square in 60 minutes of epic speed developing action.

An untimely rain shower meant that only the brave survived this week!

Zipping off to Cleaver Square we got warm, dynamically mobile and activated key muscular and neural pathways!!

Really working on the shape, structure and length of our running stride we hit 30 minutes of skilful running drills to aid our quest for running excellence!!

Before feeding the legs some perfect body positions short reps for 10 high octane continuous minutes before rounding off the session with some relaxed, smooth and fast long reps to round off a very productive running evening!!

Great work and hope to see you again next week!

Smooth Running


Report written by Joel Wiles

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