Better the Divan you know 😈

2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Bexley.

  • Tim Wheatley
  • Elizabeth
Tuesday, 15th of January 2019

Mr M has been waiting to be released from hospital for a while. However, he can't be released until a hospital bed is set up in his flat, and this can't be done until space is made for it. After a prior mission two and a half weeks ago had been unable to gain access to his flat to do this, I was glad that we were able to return and do what we could to make this happen :)

My mission mate for the day was Tim, who'd (happily?) cycled just over 19k to get there. It's always fun meeting up with Tim because he did my 50th good deed with me, so it's all GoodGym good feels ☺️

On arrival, we introduced ourselves to the warden, who told us what needed to be done: a recliner armchair was to be moved from a bedroom to a living room, a single divan bed (motorised in some confusing fashion) was to be taken outside for disposal, and we were to move a load of boxes out of his bedroom and into a storage room.

After noting Mr M's amazing superhero/sci-fi and fantasy collection (I'm totally a fan), we started off by moving a couple of boxes out of the way to make room to move the armchair. Wonderfully, the armchair itself was pretty simple to move and transported itself to the living room without any real fuss (it didn't even have to be reclined!!) Then came the bed...

The bed was the very devil (πŸ›οΈ=😈) We'd hoped to disconnect at least one of the motor contraption and the bed frame from the divan underneath to make it easier to move (much like I'd done on a previous mission). This leads to my life lesson of the day, which is that you can't trust all divans you meet to be like the divans you knew (and loved) before. After spending a while removing several bits of the frame using a variety of thingymabobs (Mr M had a very well stocked tool box 😍), we finally decided we would just have to carry what was left down the stairs in its current state and hope that it didn't unfold too much in transit. This was a bit of a slow process but we finally got there! πŸŽ‰

We cleaned up the last few bits in the room (Tim finding a broom for executing a classic GoodGym pose) and got the space ok-ed by the warden. Hopefully this means that the hospital bed can be set-up and Mr M will be released home soon! :)

Report written by Elizabeth

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Miz Trey
Miz Trey
Wednesday January 16th, 2019 11:14

Thank you so much Tim & Elizabeth!! You guys have done a fab job , Mr C is so grateful! Hopefully he can go home this week!

Wednesday January 16th, 2019 13:53

Oh, that's so lovely to know! Thank you for the update - I'm really pleased to think that he'll be recuperating in his own home soon :)

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