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11 runners ran 3.1km to help the The Langley Academy Primary School in Slough.

  • Slough runner
  • Manjit Birk
  • Harsha Burton
  • Nisha Bilkhu
  • Ricky Kloay
  • Slough runner
  • Sandy Dhaliwal
  • Pam Banga
  • Sara
  • Jean Watts
  • Agnija Cimoska
Monday, 21st of June 2021
Led by Manjit Birk

This was our first task at The Langley Academy Primary and our mission was to help revive the outdoor forestry learning garden!

With child height weeds we did have our hands full, but we are naturals at digging up weeds so this was child’s play for us!

No punning in the hall

With a few of us running to the task, we were already warmed up and ready to do our good weed of the day.

The cutest little shovels and forks as our tools, we sectioned off the area so we could safely tackle the bushes!

Never a dill moment

On the left side we had:-

  • Ruth Corocus
  • Sandy Daisy
  • Agnija Caranation

They did a cracking job of unearthing the … earth really ! Ruth was on a mission and knew just the thicket to get the job done!

In the middle were:-

  • Nisha Bellflower
  • Sutyee Poppy
  • Sara Gillyflower
  • Harsha Bergonia
  • Assisted by Ricky Kaffir Lilly

Their section was quite hard with lots of brambles but they got a twiggle on and pulled out some thorny stalks!

On the right we had:-

  • Pam Blossom and
  • Jean Wallflower

Our expert gardeners who kept their heads down and did a blooming great job!

We worked hard tonight! I think someone saved the sweet pea bush as requested by school! 10 out of 10 for you!

An hour in and we were all done just in time for bud time. Plenty left for a follow up visit and a quick school photo of the good kids and the naughty ones!

Great task and superb efforts by everyone.

Throw her to the wolves and she will return leading the pack

But that’s not where we end the report! Tonight was Supergirl Harsha’s 100th good deed!

Here are some things about her that you may or may not know!

  1. She’s never hits the wall - she just climbs over it.

  2. She likes to get dirty.

  3. We don’t like you either - said the burpee to everyone except Harsha.

  4. Her scars are a sign of her survival.

  5. She is courageous.

  6. She’s on fire! (In some photos she really is!).

  7. She’s strong!

  8. She smashes all her goals.

  9. She’s in a Wolfpack!

  10. She’s just an awesome person all round!

Well done Harsha! Awesome milestone to reach (and before Rickyyyyy) 😂

We have plenty of other tasks booked on the system - hope to see you there!

Report written by Manjit Birk

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Manjit Birk
Led by Manjit Birk

Area Activator for Slough....Running is my passion....Marathons to park runs I love them all! Running alone to running in pairs or groups

Runners helping out
  • Walk Leader

    Lead a walking group to the task

    • Nisha Bilkhu
  • Photographer

    Take photos for the run report

    • Ricky Kloay
  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Nisha Bilkhu

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