A very GoodGym Christmas comes to Southwark

0 GoodGymers made their way to have an amazing time in Southwark.

Saturday, 1st of December 2018
Led by Lucy J

GoodGym Southwark varnished the Old Library's floors, now it was time to make use of them!

On Saturday night between 80 and 100 GoodGymers gathered to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in GoodGym style (no I did not take a register...).

Big props to Steve, Rosie, Paul, Helena and Ed for turning up early to put up decorations and eat some well deserved pizza.

The fancy dress theme? The first letter of your GoodGym area. We had some amazing displays - from Barnet's Biblical Bethlehem Scene to Southwark's Star Wars Extravaganza not to mention a plethora of Christmas trees, Where's Wallys (Wandsworth), Cupid with arrows made out of pipe cleaner, A Finger (with a ring!) for Lambeth's Lord of the Rings theme... oh my goodness me there was too much excellence going on to mention it all. YOU ARE ALL SHINING SPECIAL STARS.

Shout out to Alex Coyle, DJ of the night!

The structure of the evening? Music, mingling, drinking, some more music, fancy dress awards, some more structured music (Alex) and what turned out to be a very spectacular finish featuring Freddie Mercury making a Lazarus-worthy performance.

Speaking of awards... we ended up with eight YES EIGHT categories with some joint winners:

  • Most Christmassy: Nikki (Christmas Tree) from Head Office for hand stitching her tinsel on

  • Pun of the Party: Alex Coyle for his Ceasar Salad (Camden) and Polly for her Hedge Fund (Hammersmith and Fulham)

  • Best Representation of the Borough: Rosie for her incredible canal (Camden)

  • GoodGym Spirit Award: Phil for his fully interactive costume of hammerschlagen - a game much popularied by Tom Benson at the Shindig (Hackney)

  • Best Use of a Household Item: Patrick for his Itsy Bitsy Spider made of loo roll tubes

  • Best Abstract Costume: Alex for Inception (Islington) and Jessie for Whistlers Mother - geniusly adapted to represent the Mr Bean version (Wandsworth)

  • Best Homemade Prop: Tom Benson for his wonderfully crafted staff of Saruman (Lord of the Rings, Lambeth)

  • Best Team: The amazing Lambeth for Lord of the Rings so many incredible costumes in there!

What an evening!

An enormous thank you to everyone that came and made it so special. There was much merriment in the final tunes of the night, and a dubious attempt at reeling...

Merry Christmas One and All!

Report written by Lucy J

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