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Crisis - its Christmas! Final run & Festive Spirits (or wine!)

Helping the community


Welcome to Southwark GoodGym!

We're a friendly group of runners who combine running and volunteering with local charities and community projects in Southwark. We meet in Peckham every week to get active and do a physical task.

Join the last Group Run before Christmas...followed by Southwark Christmas Drinks!!!

Arrive at 18.45 this Wednesday in Old Spike Roastery, Peckham, you can store belongings there safely and we'll be back at the cafe at 20.30.

We're running 8km overall to Crisis Elephant & Castle working with a local charity to help sort out their donations and tidy up stock.

GoodGym is for everyone. We welcome runners of all abilities and it is often possible to walk to the task if you would prefer. We always have a back-marker so no-one is left behind - we're about achieving something together so you'll always be welcome no matter what your pace is.

Date and time

6:45pm - 8:30pm Wednesday, 18th of December 2019
8km total distance

Remember that we run to and from the task, so you'll only be running for half this distance in one go.

This is a standard GoodGym group run. If you can't run for more than 15mins without stopping or you're worried about any aspect of the session, contact us or see if there's a starter session coming up in your area.

Start Location

Old Spike Roastery
54 Peckham Rye
SE15 4JR View Map

GoodGym start locations have a space to change, leave bags and toilets.

What to look out for

Age Restriction

GoodGym welcomes anyone aged 18 or over. If you are under 18 then you will be unable to participate in any GoodGym activity

Make sure you've read our general guidelines for safety when running and at a task.

Lifting or moving heavy objects
Injury or harm may be caused to yourself or others around you heavy objects are dropped on feet or hands or harm may be caused if you lift heavy objects incorrectly.
Use of tools and equipment
If tools are used incorrectly or inappropriately they could cause harm to yourself or others around you.
Working close to others
Injury caused by working close to each other


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Led by

Ian Gostling

Ian Gostling
Running, Dancing, Waving kind of guy. Lets get stuck in Team!

Runners helping out

  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Dom Tooze

Who's going

  • Dom Tooze
  • Nat Gabrielle
  • Huw Thomas
  • Sophie Baillie
  • Sam Lefevre
  • Southwark runner
  • Abigail Burgess

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Old Spike Roastery
54 Peckham Rye
SE15 4JR

There's space to change and leave bags and toilets. We're not planning to do anything purposefully dangerous, but GoodGym takes no responsibility for your safety during group runs, you participate at your own risk. Participants accept full responsibility for items stored at Old Spike Roastery, and Old Spike Roastery and GoodGym will not be held liable for any losses or damages.


New to GoodGym?

This is a GoodGym group run, where we run to help a local community organisation and then run back.

New runners are welcome to GoodGym group runs - no one gets left behind. You're unlikely to be alone, hundreds of new people sign up every week.

There's a place to leave bags and a toilet at the start point, all you need to do is bring your trainers. It's free to try - get involved!

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