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Art Thou A Runner? 🎨

It's another Strava art challenge - get it!


This week's Challenge, should you choose to accept it... is Strava Pictionary!

Most of you will know Strava simply as a place to track your runs, but what if you treated it as an artist's brush. Running artists have used Strava to make all kinds of images; check out this page for inspiration, for years now. As well as to write messages.

It is up to you what you make. A picture of your dog. An inspiring message. A (vegan) burger. The bigger the better (clock those kms, it's the January Challenge folks!).

You can take part any time of the week, or even paint a series thoughout the week. Please send your Strava image/s to me by 8pm on Monday 18 January. And I will pick the winner!

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Date and time

20:00 - 20:05 Monday, 18th of January 2021


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What to look out for

Covid Test and Trace

To keep everyone safe GoodGym has signed up to the NHS test and trace service. We will pass on your contact details only if they ask for it.

The GoodGym central team will also be in contact if we are made aware that anyone attending this session tests positive in the days afterwards.

Age Restriction

GoodGym welcomes anyone aged 18 or over. If you are under 18 then you will be unable to participate in any GoodGym activity

Make sure you've read our general guidelines for safety when running and at a task.

This event is organised by your Taskforce, a group of experienced GoodGym members in your area, they are not responsible for your safety. You should feel confident to participate in the event as it is described and you do so at your own risk.


Michal Czekajlo
Michal Czekajlo
Tuesday January 12th, 2021 12:21

I would like to sign up Char, but am unable to. Could you change the start time to this/tomorrow's evening pls?

Char Binns
Char Binns
Tuesday January 12th, 2021 15:27

Done x

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Led by

Char Binns

Char Binns
(she/her) GG Liverpool Area Activator. Plant-powered, tea snob, a bit corny. Who wants to run an ultra with me? ;)

Who's going

  • Tim Dwyer
  • Michal Czekajlo
  • Jo Gibson
  • Roz
  • Leicester runner
  • Pauline Harrison
  • Char Binns

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Where ever you are
In your own Town
or City
In the postcode you're in

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