You grotto be kidding me..

9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Slough
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Monday 20th November 2023

Report written by Manjit Birk

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We had a last minute cancellation of task today but we never gift up as we soon had one lined up with Clare from Stoke Park Trust helping to wrap up presents for their grotto, tinsel up some tea lights, sort through Christmas lights and a bit of light hovering

We met at the task location at 6:30pm and those wishing to get out for a run went off for a 10 minute out and back run with Ruth back marking and me leading.

Whilst those who wanted to just do the task met us at the task location at 7pm

Clare gave us the low down on what she wanted us to do… there was no time like the present to crack on.

Pam, Keith, Devajani, Maya, Kam and Jean spent some qualitree time wrapping up the empty boxes

Ruth was doing her best not to get her tinsel in a tangle and get it nicely wrapped around the tea lights

Whilst I was doing my best impersonation of Freddie and the famous hoovering scene …

The task was nicely wrapped up in 45 minutes.

Thank you Clare for the last minute task - much appreciated

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