Weightlifting session complete!

3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark

Friday 23rd February

Report written by Sana (She/her)

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This was my first GoodGym mission and I must say, it felt like I found a community! The location is a 5 minute walk from me, so I went into the mission thinking it would be less of an exercise and more of helping out (which I was completely happy with!) But boy was I wrong.. the stocking and lifting definitely made me feel the burn, all while directing my efforts towards a great cause. I cannot wait for my next GoodGym session, what a great way of spending my time, energy and a happy Friday afternoon!

Session Leader
This task supported

The food cooperative provides members with low cost food to help reduce food bills and tackle food insecurity. It also reuses surplus food to prevent food being thrown away.

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Andy Dobson
Join us on our next session


Sorting & Stocking @ Borough Food Cooperative
🗓Tomorrow 2:00pm

Tackles food insecurity and reuses surplus food to prevent food being thrown away!

Carmen WalkerAlly McDonoughYvonneAJ
4 GoodGymers are going - no space left 😢

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Maria (she/they)

Fri 23rd Feb at 4:49pm

Glad you enjoyed your first session!

Sam Lefevre
Sam Lefevre (he/him)

Fri 23rd Feb at 4:58pm

Great to have you attend such a local GoodGym community session to you, Sana! Hope to see you on a GG session soon.


Fri 23rd Feb at 6:08pm

It was lovely to meet you Sana, great session! I will come back for sure, hope to see you again :)