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6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Slough
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Monday 5th June 2023

Report written by Manjit Birk

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Tonight was our second visit to St Paul’s Church on Stoke Rd to help them with some ongoing outdoor grounds work… that age old problem called garden weeds.

We had a mixed bag of modes of transport tonight. Kam drove direct to the task, Devajani and Maya walked, Dr and I ran the slightly longer route from our meet up point whilst Pam walked the direct root. None the less we all made it in good thyme!

Whilst Savi, Pam and I were waiting basking in the evening sun we did a quick leg strength exercise. It was more of a dance routine to use at shindigs but we had fun anyway.

As the rest of the team arrived, I told them what we did last time and discussed the meaning of our names whilst we waited for task owner Neline. Homework for next week is to know the meaning of our names… though A* to Devajani and Maya for knowing theirs, even I worked out my name!

Neline soon arrived to give us an overview of the job at hand tonight which involved cutting back shrubbery, weeding the paving slabs and shifting some soil to the bed.

Savi was straight on the shrub task. He had some cutting hedge technology at hand and was quick off the mark in giving it a short back and sides.

The rest of the team were paving the way in uprooting the weeds from the slabs. No easy task! Some of the weeds were so deeply rooted that we had to turnip the sheer force we had just to beet it!

Although we didn’t manage to complete the whole area we did a pretty good job - our good weed for the day done!

Next week we are at Ujala Foundation helping them with their garden.

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