Twice the work in half the time !!

6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Redbridge
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Friday 29th March

Report written by Mike Clare

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Linda was already at the food bank when James and I arrived shortly before 9am ready for a full session. The shelves had been stocked previously by Linda and other volunteers in the days leading up to the Good Friday session. There were three other good gymers including Sharon and Herman with Tina which made the 70 or so orders easier to pick as well as some young folk on the Duke of Edinburgh award all working together. There was a good number of Easter eggs donated that were added to every order that had children in the family. Very soon the shelves were severely depleted after filling all the orders and it was time to restock with supplies that we had in the back store. We were finished in record time having done two days work ( normally ) in a much shorter time than we expected and all thanks to Linda and her excellent organisation skills, well done Linda !!

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Redbridge Mutual Aid FoodBank
Providing food and necessities to those in need
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Tina Wong
Herman Yip
Sharon Graham
James C
Linda Sharman
Mike Clare
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Preparing food packages for distribution at Mutual Aid foodbank
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Helping those in need in Redbridge

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James C
James C (he/him)

Sat 30th Mar at 3:53pm

Eggcellent report, it was choctastic to see all the GGs there, well done on the report m-easter Clare

Linda Sharman

Sat 30th Mar at 4:03pm

Great job everyone, got finished in double quick time which helped them get both days worth of deliveries delivered in one day. Thanks for lovely report Mike.