Stag-gered by all the litter

5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Greenwich
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Sunday 26th November 2023

Report written by Rachel Henry

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On a cold November Sunday three of us congregated in hornfair park for a lovely 4k run taking in the sites of Charlton park, Maryon Wilson park with it's guinnea pigs, rabbits and a single beautiful stag. By the way, what do you call a stag with a new hair style? A stag do? Deer oh deer.

Dad jokes aside, we met Lynne and Becky at the common along with more volunteers from the Friends of group and teamed up to tackle our chosen areas of the common land. Soon we were laden with bags full of all sorts of junk, including a washing up bowl and lots of balloons.

It's always a nice start to a Sunday morning, chatting with friends who want to protect our green spaces.

Great work team, until next time!

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We are a group of volunteers seeking to protect, preserve and campaign for Woolwich Common, a large green space in the Royal Borough in Greenwich, London.

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