Stacking and packing pallets of food

1 Goodgymer helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
Tower Hamlets

Saturday 10th February

Report written by Sander Heinsalu

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The Felix Project is a large and efficient organisation for distributing pallets of food to charities. I worked at their warehouse in Poplar - they have others. After signing in on a tablet and getting my high-visibility jacket and steel-toe boots, I was shown the lunch room, the warehouse and chilled rooms. David and Julia led by example and showed me how to find the boxes of various foods on the packing list, put these on trolleys, wheel these to the pallet, stack and shrink wrap the pallet, and check off the items on the packing list. We put a piece of cardboard with the name of the charity under the shrink wrap so each pallet could be identified. The walking and lifting was a low-intensity two-hour workout. Small efficiency improvements are possible: - Some traffic and parking rules for the pallet trucks and trolleys. - Printing the names of charities on paper and adding these to the pallets may be easier to read than marker on cardboard. - Eliminating decimals on the packing list, unless the number of boxes is sometimes fractional, not integer.

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The Felix Project
Fighting food waste

The Felix Project is a London-based food redistribution charity set up in 2016 to tackle food waste and hunger.

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Sander Heinsalu
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