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2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Richmond
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Thursday 18th April

Report written by Anita (she/her)

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Longer days, rising temperatures and April showers are an ideal time for sowing seeds and Cathy and Anita laid the groundwork for some fantastic summer flowers at GG Richmond’s ‘Three Pigeons Plot’ in Buccleuch Gardens, Richmond.

Cathy and Anita hit the ground running by picking and bagging litter, before starting on the task in hand: weeding out grass and sowing summer annual seeds at The Three Pigeons Plot.

After weeding out grass ( self-seeded from the adjacent lawn and frustratingly prolific ) they dug-in the first of our withy and wood ‘triffid’ plant supports and then planted sweet pea seeds around the base.

There was just enough time sow 2000 poppy seeds before finishing.

Extra GoodGym help was provided by GG Red Robin (who hangs around our compost heap), Steph (arriving early for the next session) , Sal ( strewing poppy seeds, re-seeding the ground) and Ken ( passing by on the way back from work and stopping to weed out pesky sycamore seedlings)

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Cathy Aicardi
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Helping AFC Heatham Youth Centre clear vines for an event
🗓Today 6:45pm

Helping maintain this fabulous facility for local children

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