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8 Goodgymers helped their local community in Newcastle
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Monday 6th February 2023

Report written by Anji Andrews (she/her)

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This was a task with a lot of build up as it took two people to collect and prepare the leaflets for tonight’s session! Many thanks Liz and Louise for the prep that got this session going.

Meeting at Stepney Bank stables our base, we moved into a new room, met new GoodGymer Carrie and got cracking ready for a massive leaflet drop. Louise took us through a brilliant activation warm up that got heart rates up, cheeks flushed and smiles on faces.


With a slight detour, Richard led the runners to me, ready and waiting at Shieldfield Art Works armed with “Who’s in Shieldfield” booklets to drop to the residents of Shieldfield, showing them what’s on offer in this vibrant area of town. Two groups, 210 leaflets, seven pairs of very cold hands and a timer set for 25 minutes. No pressure!

The time flew and the groups reappeared bang on time and ready to run back down the hill to Stepney Bank Stables. Mission accomplished!

A single file running fitness session with Louise was waiting, and the energy remained high as everyone got involved. A brilliant session, a big help to a community project and rosy cheeks all round.

Hope to see you next Monday as we help out at the fantastic Recyke Y Bike. You can run, walk or cycle and a warm welcome is guaranteed.

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