Riverside Rummaging, Pathway Picking & Railing Reaching!

4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Sheffield
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Monday 30th May 2022

Report written by Tom Mutton

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We gave a friendly GG welcome to a new runner introduced by Lan:


Give him a follow and a show of support! We hope to see you on another run soon!

This week we were close to home, helping out Pitsmoor Pickers on a stretch of the River Don which was laden with all sorts of litter.

James managed to pick up 340 cigarette butts!

On the way back we took on a very difficult fitness challenge which was the 'Bring Sally Up' challenge. This is a push up challenge where you push up on the word up and go down (but crucially hold your body off the floor) and then rinse and repeat. Considering it's only 3.5mins long it is very difficult with most of us having to start resting about half way. One to work on!

Once back at base we stretched off and headed home until next week.

Happy running! :)

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Litter Pick Spital Street and Spital Lane
Cleaning up litter and flytipping. Meet junction of Spital Hill and Spital Lane

We work solo and as a group to clear streets and green spaces of litter and flytipping.

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James Smith
Tom Mutton
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Park Hill Litter Pick - FREE refreshments afterwards at South Street Kitchen
🗓Saturday 10:00am

Keeping the local area spic and span and enjoying a posh coffee after

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