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Saturday 9th September 2023

Report written by Bristol runner

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Time flies, the leaves are turning, and the temperatures are dropping... Only a few weeks ago, we had the hottest day of the year. And how does a good GoodGymer spent the hottest day of the year?! Weeding of course!!! We met for a MEGA weeding session at the Berry maze to rescue (our) precious raspberries from being suffocated by weeds. There where plenty of areas to be tackled so we joint forces with some other berry maze volunteers and clear the most over grown areas first. Sweating heavily in the midday sun and 30 degrees of heat, weeding turned into a full body exercise. This really reminded us what GoodGym is really about - doing good and somehow get fit doing so, if only by loosing a few pounds in sweat that day ;)

well done everyone and apologies for the late report! Sarah

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Phill Stone
Jason Thorne
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