Raking and a rat

8 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Wednesday 28th April 2021

Report written by Pete

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As the poor weather of the previous day improved and the sun came out we were in luck with a lovely evening for a bit of GGing.

We were met by 3 volunteers from Chapmans Pond who were ready with instructions and tools and soon put us up to work. Arriving out of breath Max was managed a quick sprint along the lake to get his stava to read a nice whole number and then his first contribution was to find a dead rat. Here Pete, Liz, Max and Paul were digging a path and filling with bark to enable access to the bird feeders - hoping that we didnt disturb the nesting tits too much...

Meanwhile Abi, Dom, Babs and Kieran were working hard to rake up cuttings that were being produced as fast as they could be raked into the "compost wall". Abi "ladybird whisperer" succeeded in saving some of the local wildlife which was appropriate as the areas being raked are destined as a butterfly area, willow arch and wildlife area.

Great work from everyone and we were treated to cake before departing our separate ways for food and customer reviews of local hostelries...

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This task supported
Friends of Chapmans Pond
Making the green spaces at Chapmans Pond accessible for all to enjoy

The Friends of Chapmans Pond hold a lease to manage the pond and open space on behalf of City Of York Council. Volunteers oversee the angling activities on the site and are responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the green open space.

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Abi Perrin
Paul Kelly
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Clearing a derelict allotment or finishing the fence painting at Park Grove
🗓Today 6:15pm

Enable the allotment to be let and promote the Groves Association

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