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3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Kingston upon Thames
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Kingston upon Thames

Saturday 16th September 2023

Report written by Rachel White

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We had a great sesh today in Fairfield Park doing a spot of litter picking. For Rachel and Doris it was their second session of the day having popped home for some lunch after a visit to sort donations at the British Heart Foundation shop.

It was hot and humid so we mostly stayed in the trees for the shade and picked up bottle tops, glass bottles, sweet wrappers and newspapers. We did a full hour, filled a couple of bags with rubbish and met Andy on the way back to the organiser's table. He had brought his daughter and her friend, and a lovely dog called Luna. We all gave Luna some much deserved attention for being such a good dog and had a chat with Suzanne about future projects in the pipeline. Keep an eye on the calender!

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Andy Hoang
Rachel White
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Winter jobs at Jubilee Square

The space is a place where people stop to meet friends, relax, eat lunch and enjoy the surrounds. Helping with keeping it attractive you will contribute to the wellbeing of local people in this important area of the community.

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