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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark
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Monday 20th November 2023

Report written by Nathan Wood

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... Forget St Clement's because St George the Martyr is where it's at, and it's where we were at earlier today.

Lindy and I rocked up, freshly caffeinated, to the scene. Lillian and Jenny were already on site, unloading a delivery truck that had come in. With all of us there we made quick work of crate after crate of persimmons, clementines, pumpkins - you name it!

Inside the BFC location we all worked to replenish shelves, and eventually split up to clear some wooden boxes that had to be broken down for recycling. Jenny, Lindy and I took on that job whilst Lillian was hard at work replenishing shelves. We need to take a moment to thank the BFC volunteers for kindly providing us with some coffee whilst we worked - the juice of gods - the giver of strength! Topped up on hot drinks, we finished our tasks and called it a day - job done!

Kudos to both Jenny and Lillian for attending their first GG task! See you again soon!

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The food cooperative provides members with low cost food to help reduce food bills and tackle food insecurity. It also reuses surplus food to prevent food being thrown away.

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Nathan Wood
Lindy Macfarlane
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Sorting & Stocking @ Borough Food Cooperative
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Tackles food insecurity and reuses surplus food to prevent food being thrown away!

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