Let it grow, let it grow

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Derby
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Saturday 14th May 2022

Report written by Naomi Hope

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Plantlife's No Mow May campaign encourages people to lock away the lawnmower throughout May. The aim is to let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom, to help our bees, butterflies, wildlife and us. 🌼 🐝 🦋

Lots of GoodGymers took part, reserving the weed-pulling for community centre flowerbeds and leaving their own lawns to bloom! 🌻

Sheila's daisies were joined by dandelions, speedwell and buttercups. She's decided to continue the experiment, and just mow around the edges, plus a path across the middle, but leave the remainder of the lawn to its own devices ... blooming marvelous! 🌼

Naomi found an abundance of forget-me-nots and speedwell, with the bees in particular enjoying the speedwell. 🐝

Tracey and Gwyn enjoyed not mowing their lawns, going out walking with the time they saved, and saw even more unmown lawns!  Their pictures include one for each of their lawns, one for a colourful unmown patch in Alvaston, and a couple from Penrhyn Castle where a lamb was clearly ignoring the sign, despite it being in Welsh! 🐑

Thank you to everyone who took part. 💐

Session Leader
Jen Francis
Gwyn Williams
Tara Isherwood
Pete Emery
Naomi Hope
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Community litter pick with Friends of Derby Arboretum Park
🗓Sunday 3rd March 12:00pm

Help to clean up the area for locals

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