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Community mission

Single or paired Plogging Litter picking walking or running.

Fri 30 Apr 17:00 pm
Not Known, ???, ???
Fit and feel good

So we can still be active, social and community spirited by doing a little plogging over the next couple of weeks of lockdown. Ideally with another member or friend. Maybe you have spotted some rubbish locally. If you need a picker let me know and I will try to drop one off to you. Send us a picture of your exploits. This a a rolling event to do before the end of the month.

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Training session

10k Guinness World Record Attempt

Sun 19 Sep 19:00 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
Be a world record holder!

On 19th September join an attempt to have the most virtual 10ks run across the world.

This is how it works (from the Virtual Runner website)

  1. you can run anywhere in the world.

  2. if you feel like it, join the exclusive running group on Facebook (optional).

  3. on the day of the run, record your run with a running app or watch and upload a screenshot or photo to our running portal.

  4. after the run, you will receive your certificate to download and we will send you your medal (if you have added it) within 24 hours.

All details and the entry links are here

There are options to enter with or without getting a medal.

Happy Running!

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Gwyn Williams went on a community mission
Community mission

Meals on Wheels

Wed 7 Apr
Report written by Derby runner

The West Indian Community Association have been working hard throughout the pandemic to provide hot meals for those who need them, twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays). These are delivered by volunteers, using their own cars.

Today, Gwyn and Tracey joined the team, and delivered a batch of meals to some very grateful and cheerful people.

Needing to drive for the task, in order to ensure that the meals arrived intact and still hot, there wasn't much of an opportunity to combine exercise with the mission, but Tracey found a way - she abandoned Gwyn in town and made him walk home!!!

The volunteers at the Community Association were extremely welcoming, and we loved the colourful flags their walls are adorned with. They're responsible for the annual Derby Caribbean Carnival too, which looks even more colourful!

Thanks to Rachel for introducing us to this wonderful community, and also many thanks to the volunteers at WICA for making us so welcome; we're looking forward to another session.

PS Leaving Gwyn in town was pre-planned, and having dropped off the car at home, I walked/ran back to meet him part way, and we strolled the final leg of the journey home together.

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Gwyn Williams went on a training session
Training session

Green Go-Getters Spotted the Lot!

Mon 5 Apr
Report written by Derby runner

Gwyn and Tracey took part in a green themed hunt over the course of 10 days, spotting environmentally friendly items whilst out cycling, running and walking. They spotted:

  • Toucan crossing
  • Cycle path
  • National Cycle Route (NCR) signpost
  • Bus stop
  • Green front garden (as opposed to paving slabs)
  • Bicycle
  • Electric vehicle
  • Electric car charging point
  • Clothing bank
  • Charity shop
  • Bike parking
  • Wind turbine
  • Solar roof panels
  • Garden waste bin
  • Allotments
  • Bus lane
  • Railway station
  • Greenhouse
  • Bee hives
  • Something cheerfully repurposed

We explored some local corners we'd not visited before, getting fit and having fun.

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Gwyn Williams signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Volunteer Drivers for Derby West Indian Community Association

Wed 7 Apr 13:00 pm
Derby West Indian Community Association, Community Cultural Centre Carrington Street, Derby, DE1 2ND
Promote better physical and mental health, provide balanced fresh meals.

Support from volunteer drivers to deliver meals to the most vulnerable in Derby, in response to the pandemic. The community centre has been providing bi-weekly hot meals and are in need of drivers on a Wednesday afternoon.

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Gwyn Williams went on a community mission
Community mission

When the going gets turf... the turf gets us going!!

Sat 3 Apr
Report written by Nicky West

“Dig for Victory” is one of those classic war time phrases and it was certainly a major part of our military mission today!

It was thyme for a fresh start in this family allotment, but the GoodGym army were all dressed up with nowhere to grow!

GoodGymers don’t moss around and after a helpful health and safety briefing they quickly got to work.

Tracey and Gwyn definitely did their good weed for the day, turning over all the soil in the newly cut beds.

Ash, Naomi and Nicky had a “sod” of job, but it didn’t herb their enthusiasm as they corrected the work of an overly enthusiastic digger operator and re-laid the turf along the central allotment path.

Meanwhile we were lucky enough to be joined by Clive on his first ever GoodGym task! We asked him to tackle the thing that runs around the garden but never moves...the fence line!

There is never a dill moment on a GoodGym mission and it was great to get out together and do good once again.

A huge thank you to everyone for helping to kick start this new community garden, with a fantastic community mission! We’ll keep you updated as the garden quite literally grows!

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Gwyn Williams signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Create a community garden and allotments to support military families

Sat 3 Apr 10:00 am
Chetwynd Barracks, Swiney Way, Beeston, NG9 5HA
Provide a communal space for people to come together to enjoy nature and learn about gardening.

Chetwynd Barracks is home to over 200 military families. The families are kicking off a brand new voluntary initiative to create a communal garden and allotment space that can help to combat social isolation and provide support to families and serving personnel whilst helping to improve physical and mental health. The allotments will also be used to grow food for the charity nursery on camp and will help to educate families and children on how to grow organically.

The task will be to help with the initial set up of the allotments and area, including putting down paths, digging soil and installing water butts.

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Gwyn Williams has completed 15 good deeds with GoodGym. Sat 27 Mar 2021

Gwyn has completed their 15th good deed with GoodGym

Gwyn Williams went on a community mission
Community mission

A cone by the river

Sat 27 Mar
Report written by Fiona

Lots of us had a good start to our saturdays doing some plogging in the spring sunshine.

There was plenty rubbish to be found, including ice cream wrappers and vodka on Bournemouth beach (people obviously living life more fully down south) and lots of bottle caps in Charlton...but no bottles?!

Clear up at River Gardens, riverside, & Thames carried away & did about 4 hours and met interested passerbys asking about Goodgym/volunteering. Found a cone!

Jacqui and Sally litter picked in Brixton, where there was sadly lots of rubbish - cans, bottles, food packaging and face masks.

Thank you everyone for making your places that much nicer!

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Gwyn Williams signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Litter pick your hoods

Sat 27 Mar 10:00 am
Somewhere local, Somewhere local, Somewhere local
Make our areas nicer places to run!

On with your gloves and break out those bin bags!

Let's spread the love and get to some litter picking on your own or with someone you close by.

Photo challenge Take a selfie with your most interesting find!

Send your photo to me at for the report.

Happy de-littering, gang!

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