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2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark
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Friday 1st December 2023

Report written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

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With Sam having half a day off from work and Melissa taking her lunch break to help out at BFC, they managed to do a lot as they waited for the delivery from the Felix Project to arrive. With Clive giving the orders, they labelled and stocked up the shelves, fridges and freezers.

By the time it came to 14:00, Melissa had to leave to go back home and work, but only 5-10 minutes later did the delivery arrive. Sam helped Clive take in the crates of food and managed to unpack the onions and butternut squash before having to leave himself.

It was lovely to met New Yorker, Melissa, who came for her first good deed with GoodGym and hopes to join more in the future!

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The food cooperative provides members with low cost food to help reduce food bills and tackle food insecurity. It also reuses surplus food to prevent food being thrown away.

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Melissa Reichow
Sam Lefevre
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Sorting & Stocking @ Borough Food Cooperative

Tackles food insecurity and reuses surplus food to prevent food being thrown away!

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