Keeping Everything Ship-Shape at the Maritime Collection

13 Goodgymers helped their local community in Greenwich
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Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Report written by Sarah M

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On a mild night late in the year of AD2023, three and ten Splendid Athletic Club-goers... (hmm, maybe getting Chat GTP to write this isn't the best idea..? 😉)

Ok, so on Wednesday 22nd November 23, 13 Good-Gymmers met at Charlton House (slightly spooky at this time of year - maybe a good location for future horror films?)

A warm up involving tag, sheep-shoeing and the merits of stand-up comedians meant we were ready for anything as we headed towards Kidbrooke and the excellent Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre, home to hidden treasures in the form of historical works of art going through the process of conservation and restoration.

It's also home to a Community Garden, in which our task tonight was based. First up was restoring a recently damaged Bug Hotel (well we all deserve a holiday...!). Four post beds made, minibars restocked and spa ready for treatments, it was time to really rock the boat. Well, actually, just move the boat. Then it was all hands on deck to dig out a more stable base for this feature, re-position the boat and build up a stony sea.

Crew pose struck for a photo op, we headed off, full steam ahead back to Charlton.

Thanks all and see you for next week's adventures!

Session Leader
Paul Breen
Sarah M
Rachel Henry
Jennifer Hien
Julian Osman
Sara Brimble
Steve Murtough
Alex Murtough
Tom Bigglestone
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Paul Breen

Sat 25th Nov 2023 at 5:01pm

Next warm up I attend should be things you want to learn in the coming weeks - my answer would be that I want to learn how to cheer people :)