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5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Birmingham
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Saturday 24th June 2023

Report written by Jonny Carter

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A lovely Community Mission took place this morning at Aston Hall.

Yes GoodGym Birmingham have been asked to be part of the launch of the Aston Hall Parkrun. Hence the pun, from a classic old skool dance track!

Today we were helping out at the 'test event'. This meant around a dozen people would run the route with the rest of us marshalling.

Jo and Jonny had biked to the Mission therefore they biked to the furthest point of the course to marshall there. That was right by Villa Park, so of course we had a couple of pics. Jonny's been to Villa Park a couple of times, not to watch Villa I might add, but his team Hull play Villa!

Rahul, Kanchan and Madan were marshalling nearer the finish. Madan was here for his first ever GoodGym Mission and did a sterling job marshalling and supporting the runners.

Once all the runners were back in we had a group photo outside Aston Hall, joining us were Rahema and Sally from Run Birmingham.

It was a successful morning and we were able to provide some valuable feedback too the Parkrun director. There will be another test run in a few weeks with a few tweeks to the course and organisation etc, so please look out for it on the website :)

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