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10 Goodgymers helped their local community in Slough
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Monday 10th July 2023

Report written by Manjit Birk

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Tonight's task was to distribute leaflets for the lovely Eva and her Artful Hub/Antz Kids on their art classes and children's club classes in the Britwell area.

Lift, rack, raise and throw!

We met at Kennedy Park and did a fitness session involving medicine ball slams (and throws!); kettlebell swings; agility ladder runs. The team were split into 2 and one went off to do a walk/run up the path and back whilst the other slammed, racked, pressed and swung heavy kit around...all in a controlled manner of course. I do love Kennedy Park, it has a great 'hill sprints' hill, you can see the trading estate towers from there and it has lovely housing estates surrounding it.


As Eva's Antz Kids Club is based in Britwell, it made perfect sense to be in this area. I must admit, it's a part of Slough that I know that well but that's the beauty of GoodGym, you get to go to every area and see what it has to offer!

After the fitness session we headed up Wentworth Ave towards the library (which is really impressive and worth a visit by the way), and then split off into 4 pairs with 30(ish) leaflets each. The aim was to see which pair would come back first to Kennedy Park. ​​

Leaflet dropping is always better in 2's! So off we went in our pairs taking a few streets each. Well within 40 minutes we had all distributed 300. We definitely flew this through this task tonight.

First team back were Sara and Jen, closely followed by Claire and I, then Pam and Kam and last but not least Jean and Mehdi.

Next week we are at the Cherry Orchard Allotments, meeting at Masaani on Shaggy Calf Lane at 6.30pm

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