Fenford funky Friday foodbank

3 Goodgymers helped their local community in Redbridge
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Friday 11th March 2022

Report written by James C (he/him)

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It terms of activity, all that turned up ended up driving there (or being picked up). Maybe when it's lighter out there might be more activity like cycling happening.

When we got there, there was already Packers and Val were getting on with the all important task, Linda and James got on with doing stocking, which hopefully makes the Saturday foodbank session easier.

After an nearly 2 hours we collectively gave ourselves a pat on the back and called it a day.

A good session all round.

Session Leader
This task supported
Redbridge Mutual Aid FoodBank
Providing food and necessities to those in need
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James C
Linda Sharman
Valerie Anderson
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Bi-weekly group session - meet at Wanstead House at 6.30pm!
🗓Monday 1st July 6:30pm

Will give you that little spring in your step;)

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