11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Windsor and Maidenhead
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Windsor and Maidenhead

Friday 26th January

Report written by Jess Smith

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11 Goodgymmers enthusiastically met to tackle more chair repairs at the Maidenhead Community Centre.

The excellent work started by the team earlier in the week was carried on. Previous attendees; Jack, Jess, Juli, Gillian and Sheila were able to guide the newbies; Diya, Kanika, Roberta, Sol, Rachel and Clara through the process which included: Removing the old bits of plastic, making the holes larger, poking the binding screws through and then magically hiding them away....there was lots of fiddly bits but we did it!

It was such an enthusiastic group cheering and whooping as screws were placed and chair seats completed!

In total 6 more chairs were fully completed and wise words from Gillian - do the front bolts first!

There are plenty more to do - so join us on Tuesday for another session!

This session also included some impressive Goodgym achievements with this being the third task of the day for trio Rachel, Gillian and Sheila and the second tasks of the day for Juli, Kanika and Diya!!

Session Leader
Jack Douglas
Clara Diaz
Jess Smith
Diya Singh
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Windsor and Maidenhead

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Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Sat 27th Jan at 10:20pm

It was an interesting task! So much good laughs and good energy.