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Richard England went on a group run

Wed 15th May at 6:30pm

Bakes and ladders

Chelmsford Report written by Laurie Glendinning

After Fay and Sallyann set off walking to the task, the rest of us did a brief slow warm up and set off on a short route to Chelmsford CVS, collecting one more runner on our way.

Our host Sally showed us the wall that needed painting, which was a slightly greyish-white. Richard and Ben started off with a bit of cleaning, whilst everyone else got out the rollers, trays and brushes to paint. As ever, the group sped through the painting, leaving only the highest parts of the wall until the end. Fay made a start with the tall ladder, but decided against it, whilst of course it didn't phase Richard, and Joel braved the smaller step ladder.

As ever, the longest part of the painting task was the washing up. We witnessed different levels of attention, with Russell's brush and tray almost immaculate, and Erin's roller and tray still pretty painty. We finally posed for a photo with the very fresh white wall; Erin's eyes were characteristically shut, and Ben was very serious, perhaps because he got white paint on his lovely clean GoodGym shirt.

David turned up right at the end, didn't do any washing up, joined us in eating the biscuits kindly provided by our host, but did redeem himself by bringing brownies for those of us who made it back to ARU. They were all gone so quickly (even the one I took home) that I have no photographic evidence.

In case you missed it - we've started planning for Sallyann's celebratory meal at San in June. Thanks to all who've contributed to the poll, date to be confirmed soon.

See you all next time,


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