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Nigel Whitehead
Nigel Whitehead went on a group run

Wed 21st Sep at 6:15pm

A 'Tree't of a Task

Report written by Nicola Marshall

It was an absolute pleasure to be back at My CWA this evening. It’s been a while since we were there and we always love the tasks we get given there! Tonight, the task was a surprise as we didn’t know what we would be doing until we were there. We weren’t disappointed…. It ended up being Karen’s favourite task!

We met outside and did a short warmup before heading out for our run. It was a circular route this evening with one or two sneaky hills in there (sorry!). Despite it being almost the end of September, the weather was still warm and quite muggy. Maurice paved the way for us (Maurice, you’re getting fitter by the week!). We did 2 mile route in total (felt like 10, haha) before returning back for our task.

Back at the task, the lovely Kat & Rebecca supervised us with our tasks for the evening. Nigel & Maurice headed upstairs to shift some hefty furniture and Karen & Nicola stayed downstairs to get creative with some wall art. I’m glad to say that Rebecca took the lion's share of the responsibility for the creative bits (can’t speak for Karen but creativity definitely isn’t one of my stronger points!).

Nigel & Maurice definitely picked the short straw with shifting the furniture but they did a great job as they were solid & heavy cupboards! Definitely enought to work up a sweat I think! Meanwhile, downstairs, the wall was transformed from a blank white canvas to a gorgeous piece of wall art. I believe it’s going to be a volunteer tree and host pictures of the volunteers that help this wonderful charity. We managed to get all the pieces of the tree on the wall and it was looking lovely by the time we came to leave.

It was a really lovely evening spent, as always, in the company of really lovely people and I’m looking forward to getting back to My CWA soon as they never disappoint with their tasks! Plus, it’s always a bonus to be inside as the darker nights and colder weather descend!

Well done team – fantastic as always!

Have a great week & see you soon, Nicola xxx

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Nigel Whitehead
Nigel Whitehead went on a group run

Wed 14th Sep at 6:15pm

A Uniformed Effort!

Report written by Nicola Marshall

The evening definitely had an autumnal feel to it this evening – perhaps because the weather felt cooler than it has for some time, or perhaps because there were lots of leaves on the floor of the woods as we walked through.

Tonight we had the lovely Phil back in our midst. It was lovely to have his happy cheery persona in the group again. It’s been a while Phil but we were simply delighted to have you back with us tonight (to be honest, it felt like you’d never been away!). We’ve missed your sense of humour and your cheery disposition.

We met outside the Motherwell hub and decided that given the various injuries (and other perfectly valid excuses…) that we would have a brisk walk as opposed to a run this evening. There’s a lovely wood close to the Motherwell offices that leads to a lovely area of green parkland. I thought it would be the perfect spot for a nice run (or walk) this evening. The walk turned out to be somewhat of a mystery tour (yes, I got us lost and walking round in loops!) and we covered more ground that we had planned…. still, Karen, Nigel & Phil saw a fair amount of Wistaston’s finest woodland! We eventually found our way back to base and weren’t too late back at all…. at least it gave us all a good opportunity to catcu up ;-)

Back at the task, we set to work sorting out school uniforms. Following on from the success of the uniform campaign, there were racks of clothes that needed to be sorted out. Our task was to look through the items of clothing, check the clothing quality, discard any that were worn or stained and then fold them and put them back onto the shelving into the correct age category.

4 of us spent an hour and we barely scraped the surface of the clothes…. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be back at Motherwell again very soon!

Well done folks, an all in all, another productive evening (even though it didn’t look like we’d done a lot!).

Have a great week and hope to see you at the next one!

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