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Nigel Rowden went on a community mission

Wed 7th Feb at 6:00pm

Ironing out a litter problem

Nottingham Report written by Nottingham runner

Apologies for the late report!

A fantastic bunch of eight GGers headed out for our first GoodGym After Dark of the year.

Headtorches and high-vis duly donned, we paired up to clear the park of litter with equipment and assistance from Emily from the Clean Champions.

While he didn't find two bags' worth of beer cans this time, Peter did manage to bag an ironing board and a traffic cone!

Also a special shoutout to Nina who joined us for the first time, bringing along a friend and demonstrating some excellent plogging enthusiasm!

Keep an eye out for our next mission with the Clean Champions, we might not even need headtorches soon!

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