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Laura (She/they) went on a community mission

Fri 29th Mar at 8:00am

Friday I'm in glove!

Bristol Report written by David Head

Good Friday Farm folics brought us a lovely sunny morning. 8 hot crust GG buns and special guest Laura's friend joined for this Easter bunny edition. We had a set off tasks provided by the lovely chloe the livestock manager who we have got to know on our fridays. In Bay 4 near the compost heap we had one manure task, to bag and tie, ready to sale to help the community farm. Another group of us headed into the secret garden area to clear weeds and separate out that pesky bindweed. Another two of us entered the middle paddock cutting back the nettles and leaving the molar grazers to do the rest. 10 manure bags were produced for sale to the public, great job to help this great community enterprise. Great job, everyone, and have a happy Easter 🐣 🐰

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Laura (She/they) went on a group run

Tue 26th Mar at 6:20pm

GoodGym Bristol Sod Off and Refill with Gravel

Bristol Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

This evening's GoodGymmers were rewarded with a lovely sunset as we ran and walked to Faithspace in Redcliffe to collect the tools and trolleys for the night's path laying.

Last time we'd had days of heavy rain and were glad of the light drizzle, tonight was drier and didn't the turf know it! We seemed to have found a particularly rocky patch which Marky had marked (so Marky-ed, I guess) as the next path joining the planters. There's already been lots of positive feedback about how much easier it is to get to the planters and beyond.

The gravel is a special "self-binding" type which makes for marvellous non-shedding paths and, when its been left a few weeks, a solid lump in dumpy sack.

Once the edges had been marked and knived (?), we split into ground-chiselling and gravel-chillesing teams, definitely a tough workout tonight. Many different strategies were tried with the top methods proving to be stabbing with a big fork for gravel breaking and sitting uphill and spading downhill for turf lifting (called sods, for anyone wondering). We are so creative and adaptive.

Perseverence paid off, the new path was given its preliminary stomp, catwalk-style and flavoured water was enjoyed. Laura and Vaguely Northern Darren headed off for a longer run back whilst the rest of us finished off, tidied up and took the tools back to Marky's workshop.

Top path-making, team!

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Jason ThorneMelanie YoungArron
Laura (She/they) went on a community mission

Sun 24th Mar at 11:00am

Hole-some Sunday at the muddy buddy bench

Bristol Report written by Bristol runner

A poem this will be.
Take a look at the photos.
You’ll see the odd tree

Seven GoodGymmers met this Sunday.
For yet another fun day

We emptied a hole and filled another.
We even found some carpet mother!

A difference we did make.
Time for some tea and cake

This poem is done.
I might now have a cinnamon bun?

Until next time…

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Melanie Young

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Jason Thorne

Sun 24th Mar at 1:38pm

You get reports out quicker than Reuters!

Bristol runner

Sun 24th Mar at 1:48pm

… and just as accurate probably :)

Dame Emily Park Project

Sun 24th Mar at 2:02pm

One hero, two heroes, three four five ...., glad Good Gym is helping to let wildlife thrive 😃