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Springing forward

Sunday 31st March

Written by Manjit Birk

Well done to everyone who took part in this Great British Spring Clean event

Plenty of bags collected in Cippenham by Ruth, Agni and Jen, whilst Sut and I focused on the back allies in Langley

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Manjit Birk
Agnija Cimoska

Be a #litterhero everyday

Monday 18th March

Written by Manjit Birk

Back for its ninth year, the Great British Spring Clean is the nations biggest mass-action environmental campaign.

The Great British Spring Clean and Great Big School Clean 2024 will take place from 15 - 31 March, and tonight was our efforts to help as the Slough #LitterHeroes

For Keep Britain Tidy's 70th year we pledged to pick up 70 items in 70 minutes today...and we might even pledge to collect 70 bags till the 31st! #PlatinumPledge

Waste no time

So as Hamid and I went for a 2 lap run of the park, our Dumpster Divas (Jen, Ruth and Agnija) got started on counting their rubbish!

The good news is we didn't find any Retro Rubbish - (rubbish that is years old and still causing harm to our environment today, releasing greenhouse gases as it slowly breaks down in our soil and water, which contributes to the climate crisis)!

What we did find was nappies!, lottery tickets, fast food trash, beer cans and plenty of wet wipes!

We ended the evening having collected 5 bagfuls of rubbish tallying in at over 1000 pieces

We would like to continue with this effort so I have listed a litter pick community mission till the 31st of March - #GetInvolved!

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A stones throw away…

Monday 26th February

Written by Manjit Birk

Tonight we covered a longer distance than we normally do followed by a litter pick of Upton Court Park.

We met at 6:30pm in the car park and with a quick warm up for the walkers we set half the team off on their 2.5km journey to the fire station and back, whilst the remaining team held back for a longer warm up before setting off to the Harvester pub for their 5km route.

With having just completed the Wokingham Half Marathon yesterday my legs were screaming at me to be slow and steady so we did a lampost to lampost walk/run route.

En route we found a stone..not just any old stone but a directional stone dated back to 1741!

19 miles to Hyde Park Corner

Is what the stone read with a mile marker to Slough and 2 to Colnbrook.

Back at base meet up the walkers had already picked up the pickers and bags that we had strategically placed before heading out... and had got to work

It was a little dark in the car park (shame the revamp in upton didn't include more lighting) but despite that the team still managed to collect 2 bags of rubbish.

Well done all and thank you for coming out on a cold cold night!

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Manjit BirkPeter JewellSandy Dhaliwal

Gone with the ‘wind’

Monday 22nd January

Written by Manjit Birk

Huge well done to Ricky an original, a run leader, a grafter and party animal for hitting his 100th good deed tonight!

Ricky was hitting it hard with the sessions till Covid hit then he ‘went off the rocks’ for a while before coming back last year and this year for session after session - 100 was his for the taking tonight!

So I could hit you with a tonne of puns on a century but coming up with them is not a breeze anymore!

With the backlash of Storm Isha still blowing her way around we made sure we wore all the correct layers tonight including thunderwear

In tonight’s session I wanted the team to get in a 5km run or walk. Well done to Sandy for putting her head down and getting on with it.

She was definitely Gone with the ‘wind’

Peter and Mehdi also made great progress with their 3 laps of the park whilst running Ricky kept going till his Duracell batteries died down at 7km in!

Although it was Monday, it felt like a Windsday as we tried to tie the black bags into the litter picker rings. Having managed to secure the bags before they flew away, we got to work!

Nappies, penalty charges and a bike helmet were the pick of the night alongside the usual cans, take away containers and wet wipes!!!!

We cleared the back car park of Salt hill in quick time tonight with a haul of 4 full bags!

Our hands were blew by the time we finished.

Great session tonight (with a good run session bagged for the January challenge).

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A walk in the park and not a ‘lotta’ litter

Thursday 11th January

Written by Slough runner

Five goodgymers met at Black Park on a very cold crisp morning to litter pick. it must have been the cleanest country park in England today and there was only a little litter to pick up. However we had a lovely walk and chat in the sunshine breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful lake. Some of us got a run in too!

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GhoulGym vs Hallo-Clean

Monday 30th October 2023

Written by Manjit Birk

Twas the night before Halloween and the good people of GhoulGym Slough were out and ready to give the town a Hallo-Clean at Salt Hill Park

We met at the Salt Hill Activity Centre and after a little photo shoot with Mike we descended into the deep dark depths of the park.

With no running for me tonight (legs are like the living dead after the Dublin marathon yesterday!), I sent the team out for a lap of the park - walk it, run it, jog it… just don’t get totally ghosted with your efforts!

Back from their fitness efforts we stuck to each other like glue and worked as a team to clear a section of the park.

With plenty of dirty hidden treasures in the bushes we had enough to keep us occupied. But when Hamid found what looked like a dumped rucksack with clothes and then we found rope and sheets we decided the witching hour was upon us and time to move on to another part of the park.

Although we had some great masks and accessories tonight, the best dressed award had to go to Sandy - we loved her outfit - she got it at the new boo-tique in Slough- Give em pumpkin to talk about!

With 6 full bags of rubbish collected it was time to call it a night! Everyone was thanked for their efforts and offered a ‘hero’ chocolate - bone appetite!

Witching you all a happy halloween

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