Park Hill Residents’ Association Litter Pick

We arrange a monthly litter pick in the vicinity of Park Hill.

14 GoodGymers have supported Park Hill Residents’ Association Litter Pick with 28 tasks.

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SheffieldCommunity mission

A Hill in a Park and then Park Hill

Saturday 24th June

Written by Rachel (she/her)

I started my Saturday morning by heading up to Sheffield Castle Parkrun, where it already felt far too warm at 9am 🥵. After dragging myself up heartbreak hill 3 times, I got back on my bike and enjoyed the breeze as I freewheeled down to the iconic Park Hill flats.

Here I joined residents to pick litter for an hour and a half. Lots of balloons and drinks cans. Most interesting find was a set of keys, which we handed in to the site office. Rounded off the morning with a complimentary drink at South Street Kitchen 😋

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SheffieldCommunity mission
Chloe Nowill

Litter pickers from all sides and we ran out

Saturday 25th March

Written by Sheffield runner

Park Hill litter pickers were coming from the bottom and Glencoe Road litter pickers came from the top and although we had two hours planned it was all over after an hour. We ran out of litter.

We welcomed Chloe for her first GG mission and we met up with GGers after for coffee who were there for morale support. South Street kitchen coffees, a wander round park hill, including a visit to their 'new' shop (been there 18 months), and watching a bit of Brompton cycle racing.

Good to see the cleared cobbles from Monday's efforts.

Lovely sunny morning and great to see a local grot spot in almost tip top condition with years of dedicated litter picking keeping it looking lovely with the spring blossom and daffodils coming out.

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SheffieldCommunity mission

Everything's looking Rosie at Park Hill

Saturday 27th August 2022

Written by Rachel (she/her)

Today I was joined by Rosie on her first GoodGym Good Deed. We joined members of of Park Hill residents association on their monthly litter pick and there was rich pickings! Several bags were filled before heading out for coffee after.

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SheffieldCommunity mission
JuliaRachelJames SmithYvonne R

Filled with clothing for litter, on Park Hill

Saturday 26th February 2022

Written by Yvonne R

Two GoodGymers ran to Park Hill on a crisp and sunny Saturday morning, to meet the Park Hill Residents’ Association (PHRA) and the Green Group on their monthly litter pick.

Together with other volunteers, Rachel and I worked our way around the site, receiving an invitation for hot drinks as a thank you from a local restaurant en route. Amongst other things, we collected 2 pairs of trousers, 1 trainer, 1 work boot and various other clothes.

We are filled with such clothing for all that rubbish - truly apparel-ed! Fortunately tackling litter is our strong suit, helping out across Sheffield is in our jeans and we are prepared to sock-rifice a few hours on the weekend to pur-shoe our dreams of a litter-free Sheffield.

After two hours, I counted about a dozen bags of rubbish. We finished the morning with a well-earned break in a nearby cafe :)

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CelineJames SmithSergiu RaduMaxAshLan

Painting it black at Park Hill!

Monday 29th November 2021

Written by Tom Mutton

With tonight's original task at Ship Shape being canceled last min due to the organizers not being able to get out to get the materials we had to think fast for an alternative.

Park Hill was close by with an inside options that avoided the ice so a dedicated few headed off from The Showroom Cinema to the flats where we got straight to it helping to spruce up a communal space used by the residents group for bike storage and fixing as well as garden tool and litter picking storage.

Tasks involved:

  • Sweep through
  • Big bin lifts and emptying
  • Blackboard painting of future tool boards and notice boards
  • General sorting and sprucing

Although just a small group, we still managed to make a noticeable improvement to the space and allow for future improvements to be made in the near future.

After some great work on the way home way found a two tier set of steps where we got 3 sets of exercises in, varying between one, two, squats and box jumps. Once back at The Showroom we stretched off, talked about next weeks run to help Sustrans clear leaves from the National Cycle Network (NCN) and then headed off on our seperate ways.

Until next week, happy running! :)

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SheffieldCommunity mission
James SmithHarrietRachel

Pick-a-Park Hill

Saturday 25th September 2021

Written by Rachel (she/her)

New member Harriet joined me and residents of Park Hill flats on their regular monthly litter pick

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