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A ribbet...ting task...

Wednesday 27th September 2023

Written by Tav (he/him)

This task was part destroy and part save and part fill a skip...

We met Martin and got on with shifting rubble into a skip, chopping brambles and saving a frog.

It is official...darkness is upon us so we worked under torchlight and some car headlights. And when we look aback at our first Nayland Lodge visit it is clear the impact that has been made...even if the undergrowth keeps growing back!

We walked, cycled and ran back to our bases and wished Vanessa good luck for her Royal Parks Half Marathon coming up.

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ColchesterGroup run
TavEm DonnachieVanessa CrannisFrazer

There's no I in Team (or Goodgym)

Wednesday 6th September 2023

Written by Tav (he/him)

A warm evening and a warm welcome at Nayland Lodge as we continued the clear up job of hacking away the brambles and shifting rubble into a skip!

With some helpful residents we managed to make a good dent despite the hard ground. It was good to chat about favourite films from Black Panther to Sausage party!

With the residents lured away by homemade burgers we too went on our way in the fading light ready for the Anti Loo Roll Brigade festival on Saturday!

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TavBob ThompsonEm DonnachieElla JeffriesVanessa CrannisFrazer

Transformers assemble...

Wednesday 16th August 2023

Written by Tav (he/him)

There are some tasks that require a superhero effort! And like many superheroes, we wear red but we do not have weapons, we have tools!

We met Martin Goss and a resident of Nayland Lodge to transform a patch of land. There were brambles, heaps of compost, concrete slabs, a heavy old fashioned roller and fence fittings...but it was no match for us.

As Optimus Prime said "Now, All We Need Is A Little Energon And A Lot Of Luck" as we filled a skip full of to the brim.

Not only that but it was a long, warm run too!!

Well done to Em for organising and we will be back!

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