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It's tidy up time!

Tuesday 13th February

Written by Rachel White

Another trip to Growbaby and we set out to complete the tasks on our original list (the last visit used all our resources to pack away the nappies, wipes and food that was kindly donated by Dons Local Action Group). We met up at the Quaker Centre and Emma, Claire, Luke and Dave ran to Growbaby whilst Rachel and Farzeen took a speedy stroll to get to the venue. We met Jana, Julie and Petra there and divided up the tasks.

Claire took her regular position and sorted out the nappy mountain, Emma and Julie took the toys to task and methodically cleared each box discarding the random bits of plastic that had accumulated in the bottom, Luke and Farzeen went through all the baby food and milk making sure that it was unpacked and all in date, Petra and Jana set up the rail displaying warm coats and winter boots ready for collection, and Dave sorted the board games making sure all the pieces were in place.

It was a whirlwind of activity and lots was achieved in the hour we were there. Big shout out to Dave on achieving the most amount of kms in the January Challenge - where on earth will you display your trophy?! And a warm welcome to Farzeen and Luke who are newest joiners - really appreciating your keenness! See you at another task soon.

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Donation Sensation!

Tuesday 16th January

Written by Dave White

Our task tonight did not go according to plan at all... far from it in fact.

But not in a bad way.

We started the evening at Growbaby with a long task list, most of which got written off after only a few minutes of being there. A couple of days ago, Petra had discussed with Wimbledon Dons Local Action Group, a local charity, about collecting a 'few' items for Growbaby and had arranged delivery for when GoodGym were there. When the Dons arrived, their van was stacked to the brim with nappies, wipes, baby food, milk, etc. The biggest donation in Growbaby's history! Good job we had 12 eager GoodGymers to get stuck in and sort it out!

We formed a human chain to transfer the countless boxes from the van to inside Growbaby. Rachel then did an amazing job of directing us all with what needed to be done and where everything needed to go.

This task was a bit of a baptism of fire for a couple of new recruits, Adam & Flora... hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you at another one soon! Good to see Lucy from Richmond too.

As much as there was a lot to do, it was amazing how many hands made light work. We spent a little longer at the task than we usually would but it was certainly satisfying to do so much in the time that we had. Mission accomplished.

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Sorting the donations at Growbaby

Wednesday 3rd January

Written by Rachel White

Helped sort the donations to keep the storage zone clean and tidy. We had bags of toys, clothes and prams to organise today and lots of parents visited to pick up items for their kids. Busy day but slight lull after the holidays - expect it to be busy next week!

Last night’s storm had brought down a tree and unfortunately it had landed on some cars in the car park opposite.

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🎁I am the ghost of Christmas presents🎁

Saturday 9th December 2023

Written by Julie

This afternoon it was time for us to get in the Christmas spirit and sort and pack lots of presents for children in care. We arrived just in time to take the reins from the morning session Goodgymers who were ready for a well earned rest.

After a quick slice of pizza to fuel up we were briefed on how to sort and pack the presents. We were all given a batch of labels to attach to our bags and given instructions on what type and how many items to put on each bag. With labels securely attached, Rachel, Dave, Andy, Jade and Julie set off ‘shopping’ through the donated gifts which had been sorted into age categories by the morning volunteers. Our bags were checked and carefully grouped together ready for collection and delivery.

After all the bags had been packed, the batches were in need of a sort to make sure the bags for each social worker were in the right place so no-one’s presents were forgotten. With a sea of bags containing presents for 3,000 children packed this was a tricky task, Rachel and Julie even had to rearrange some gym equipment to use as area dividers!

A lovely task today and well done to all the GoodGymers and volunteers from our community. A great achievement to get so many presents ready today.

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🎁GoodGym Wenceslas🎁

Saturday 9th December 2023

Written by Claire Dunne

It was truly the start of Christmas with GoodGym’s annual trip to help sort and pack Christmas presents for children who live in less fortunate circumstances.

Our first task was to unload the vans full of donations that had arrived containing piles of toys from Lego to playdough and nerf guns. It was great to see there were lots of toiletry sets for the older children too.

Mel took up her favourite position and made sure the clothes were in size order, whilst Sophie, Jane, Emma, Claire and Jemma sorted out all the gifts in to the different age categories.

Before we started ‘shopping’ the police arrived to lend a hand and donated a huge amount of books and gifts.

As the gifts piled up we were given strict instructions on how to go ‘shopping’. Labels tied to bags we shopped around the hall for age appropriate presents and the hall quickly filled with bags for the the different social workers to deliver.

After a slice of pizza it was time to hand over to the afternoon team.

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Tipping point

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Written by Rachel White

After the GoodGym trip to Growbaby on Wednesday there was a whole pile of things that couldn’t be reused or recycled. The next morning I drove to Growbaby and loaded everything up in the car and took it to the tip.

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