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Help to clear Darley Park of litter

Tuesday 21st May 2024 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Cleaning up Littleover for The Great Big Green Week

Saturday 8th June 2024 10:15am - 12:30pm

Help to clear Darley Park of litter

Tuesday 25th June 2024 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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Rachel CarthyAshley

Standing shoulder to shoulder

Tuesday 26th March

Written by Rachel Carthy

Ashley and Rachel met with Jon from Shoulder to Shoulder volunteering group to discuss collaborating to help out in the community.

Following the meeting, GoodGym volunteers went about litter picking in the city centre.

Due to the poor weather conditions, no photos were taken from the litter picking loop of the city centre but one bag of rubbish was collected.

Great that a new connection was made and the team are looking forward to spreading the word about Shoulder to Shoulder.

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DerbyCommunity mission
Rachel CarthyMandy MarriottSarah BramleyAshley

No time for swanning around...

Saturday 17th February

Written by Rachel Carthy

Ashley, Mandy and Rachel made their way to Wilmorton Recreation Ground and Alvaston Park to tidy up some litter and keep these amazing green spaces looking their best for visitors and for wildlife.

Three full bags of litter were collected and lots of friendly locals thanked the group for their efforts. The rain held off which was much appreciated although it would have helped clean up a golf ball that was found and collected to be passed on to a keen golfer.

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DerbyGroup run
AshleyRachel Carthy

No chance of dampening our spirits

Tuesday 6th February

Written by Rachel Carthy

Ashley and Rachel took on Derby city centre in the rain to help clear the streets of litter.

There were lots of the usual food packaging items like burger wrappers, chocolate bar wrappers and cups still full of drinks as well as a pair of sliders that someone must have abandoned thinking it was easier to walk barefoot during the downpour.

The route took a loop around the city centre and bags were left by a bin for collection.

Sorry no photos....I couldn't feel my hands all session. I've used a photo from a previous session.

Thanks to Ashley for making it out for another GoodGym volunteering session.

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DerbyGroup run
Rachel CarthyMandy MarriottAikaterini IgnatiadiNabeel Amjad

Making a big difference to a tiny site

Saturday 6th January

Written by Rachel Carthy

On Saturday morning Mandy and Rachel were joined by GoodGym newbie Aikaterini (Kat) for GoodGym Derby's first session at one of the city's Tiny Forests. It was great to welcome Kat to GoodGym and find out what they're looking for from volunteering. We had even arranged some sunshine for them on what was a very crisp but beautifully bright winter morning.

Rachel had previously met with Tiny Forest ranger Matty at the site and arranged a session to look at some weed clearing and litter picking, some general maintenance to keep the site looking appealing for visitors from the community.

The three volunteers packed six bags full of rubbish from the site, mostly cans and bottles and some food packaging.

There will be another session planned soon to help maintain this area and keep it free from weeds and litter. Keep an eye out on the calendar for GoodGym Derby and many thanks for all the volunteers for wrapping up and joining in today.

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DerbyGroup run
Lewis PaynePete EmeryAshley

Three go searching

Tuesday 28th November 2023

Written by Ashley

Ashley, Pete and Lewis stomped the streets of Derby searching for all things rubbish. A good haul of items was collected whist talking about how Lewis (Jason Bourne) would protect us if any trouble kicked off. Yet again, a perfectly great evening of laughs and chat whilst keeping our city streets clean.

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DerbyGroup run
Rachel CarthyPete EmeryLewis PayneAshleyMandy Marriott

The fab four go litter picking

Tuesday 21st November 2023

Written by Rachel Carthy

Tonight (or it may be 'yesterday' by the time you read this...) four GoodGymers said 'hello, goodbye' and got their own 'ticket to ride' for a 'magical mystery tour' of Derby city centre. The fab four decided to 'come together' and 'carry that weight' of empty food packaging, food waste, torn up pages from a 'paperback writer' and general rubbish that hadn't been put in bins by the original owner. 'All together now' and 'with a little help from my friends' they responded to the call of 'help!' and collected four full bags of rubbish keeping the streets that little bit tidier....they didn't quite make it as far as 'Abbey Road' on this night though.

After a 'hard day's night' the group decided to 'let it be' and take 'the long and winding road' to 'get back' home before anyone could say 'here comes the sun' wondering how much more litter could be collected if there were 'eight days (in) a week.'

GoodGym volunteers have once again proved that 'all you need is love' to come together to make a difference in the community, find something that needs improving and say 'we can work it out.'

Thank you to Mandy, Lewis and Ashley for helping out with litter picking in the city centre this evening.

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