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GG Social... Southbank but not as you know it...

Thu 9 Aug 18:30 pm
The Mulberry Bush, 89 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP
Socialising, puns, and all the fun... but no roof garden

Thursday 9th August, The Mulberry Bush, 89 Upper Ground, SE1 9PP , 6.30pm till late in The Birnam Room upstairs!

Ok, so that was an absolute faff, I'm sorry to you guys, to me and to all the social gods... I think I'll go take a course in planning.

The social has a venue and whilst Southbank Centre won't let us use their space I figured where better to go than right behind them! We're at the lovely Mulberry Bush, which is a bit further along from the Southbank Centre right opposite the London Studios.

  • I will literally buy you a drink if you can sign a celeb up to goodgym! Extra points if it's Holly or Phil!

As for the night it's your usual mix of goodgym recapping, the puns (might be a bit homemade this time), and general madness featuring me!

Thursday 9th August, The Mulberry Bush, 89 Upper Ground, SE1 9PP , 6.30pm till late in The Birnam Room upstairs!

See you all tomorrow and apologies again for the delays on getting this all sorted!

Thanks, Pritesh

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Vicki McLellan went on a group run
Group run

Weed better get watering...oh but now of course it's raining

Tue 7 Aug
Report written by Katie Welford

After weeks and weeks of scorchio last night saw the weather break and a bit of rain happened. This was somewhat ironic as one of our tasks was helping our pals on Clapham Common to water the wildflower meadow that we planted in the spring. After a serious amount of back and forth with watering cans, the heavens opened last night and the lovely pitter patter of refreshing H20 could be heard falling from the sky. OH WELL.

Before all that though, we welcomed back Vicki - HI VICKI - who is visiting from Oz for a bit and it was lovely to have her back. We also celebrated the brilliant Emma and Jim, who earned their 50 and 100 t-shirts respectively. WELL DONE GUYS!

After a quick warm up we split into two groups. Jim and Beth led one group about 1.5km to Larkhall park:

11 of us took a leisurely jog over to Larkhall Park to meet Carl. He had a lot of weeds that needed pulling up and was grateful that we would have them out before the rain came and they would be reinvigorated and take over even more. We split into two groups - Team Weed and Team Thistle. There were noticeably different approaches in the two groups, Team Weed went with a ‘bend at the hip, bums in the air’ vibe while Team Thistle crouched down and really got on the same level as their targets. After half an hour or so the area was looking much better and we set off on an even more leisurely jog back to Papa’s.

The rest of us headed to the aforementioned Clapham Common to do some solid watering. The plants were so dry that we certainly did some good and the rain that came later can only help the lovely plants on their way to perennial glory.

Nice work GoodGym!

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Group run

Watering at Clapham Common, gardening at Larkhall Park

Tue 7 Aug 18:45 pm
Papa's Park, 10-17 Pulross Road, London, SW9 8AF
Tending to those thirsty wildflowers

It's hot and it's dry! Our lovely wildflowers that we spent so long planting on Clapham Common need constant help having a big drink.

One group will do just that this week. It's about 2.5km each way to Clapham Common and David and his team have set up a mega system of watering cans and bowsers (big things full of water).

The second team will head a slighlty shorter distance to the lovely Larkhall Park. They have a large flower bed that needs some serious weeding.

Both runs have a back marker so noone gets left behind and there will be some fitness in the park as well. All welcome!

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Vicki McLellan completed a training run • Bega park run
Sat 16 Sep
Vicki McLellan completed a training run • Bega hills omg- kill me
Fri 8 Sep
Tue 5 Sep
Sat 2 Sep
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