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Bethnal Green foodbank: Lunchtime session

Wed 10 Nov 13:30 pm
Raines Foundation School, Approach Road, London, E2 9LY
Enjoy a lunchbreak with a difference...


The foodbank remain in need of a few pairs of GoodGym hands during the Autumn as regular volunteers return to work.

This is a friendly, well organised activity, where you'll get to meet the regular foodbank team and other GoodGymers as you lend a vital hand on the busiest day of the week.

What you will be doing

For this busy lunchtime shift, you'll be helping the team get stock and provisions ready for the afternoon, the busiest session of the week!

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Susanna Wright signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Planting trees, deadheading roses and tending to the wildflower beds on Parkview Estate

Sat 10 Jul 10:00 am
The Glasshouse, Parkview Estate, 161 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9QB
Get your Saturday off to a spectacular start...

Catherine and young son Liam head up this Saturday's activity on the Parkview Estate, as we plant two large trees, deadhead roses, tend to the wildflower and pollinator beds, and catch up on some other miscellaneous gardening tasks.

Always a fun, energising time, this morning's activity is guaranteed to leave you satisfied, sweaty and smiling!

What you will be doing

  • You will be divided into multiple small teams, spread out all over this large estate, under the watchful eye of Task Owner Catherine, with young son Liam project-managing. Prepare for a lively, laughter-filled task.

  • Want to see your efforts online? Sign up to write the run report! Find a fellow member to take some pics; agonise over the pun and voila - your activity will be available for all to admire.

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Susanna Wright has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Fri 12 Mar 2021

Susanna completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Susanna was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Susanna Wright went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Food bank removal business is really picking up

Fri 12 Mar
Report written by Leo

It was an early start at the St Matthews church in Bethnal Green which was for the last year the welcoming home of the Bethnal Green food bank. It's been a bustling year for the food bank but they were on the move to new premises near Victoria Park, and GoodGym were on hand to help with loading vans full of produce for the big moving day.

We gathered at 8.30 with Emma and Susie especially prompt and we were shortly joined by Hannah and Danielle. Everything was nicely laid out for us and we began by packing up the shelving and then various crates of tins, pasta/rice and toiletries. Before long the first van was dispatched to drop off the initial load at the destination.

In the hiatus before the van returned we set about optimising the layout to ensure we were as efficient as possible for the next loading up, but once that was done we had an opportunity to chat and heard from Jemima and Heather all about the food bank. They explained how it was serving roughly 800 people per week, and how they are very open in that they don't need a referral so anyone can show up and benefit from free essentials so they are providing a most invaluable service.

As we were chatting Becky showed up having ran/swum there ready for a power hour of hard working. Then shortly before the van returned Aziz also arrived and we were back into action again loading it up in double quick time.

I had to leave after 90 minutes but I trust the team managed to ultimately pack up what remained into subsequent van trips ready to be re-housed in the new premises at Raine's School.

Some really great work done by the team, in a very efficient, safe and friendly manner!

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Community mission
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Helping Bethnal Green Foodbank move premises!

Fri 12 Mar 08:30 am
Bethnal Green Food Bank, St Matthews Church, St Matthew's Row, London, E2 6DT
We're helping the foodbank on their big moving day!

Come and join Jemima and the team on their big moving day.

What you will be doing.

  • Meeting at the current location of St Matthew's Church, and helping load the vans with all the stock to be relocated at the new premises at Raine's School.

  • All the stock will be on the ground floor, ready for you to load into the van.

Health and safety

  • Jemima at the foodbank will be supervising this activity. All guidelines will be adhered to, including mandatory face coverings if working inside, and if working in any confined space outside.


  • Although midday is the official ending time, you may well be finished before then!
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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Weavers Weekends: Back to the playground for a variety of DIY tasks!

Sat 12 Dec 11:00 am
Weavers Adventure Playground, Viaduct Street, London, E2 0BH
Come and be with Alex this Saturday, and enjoy a huge variety of indoor and outdoor tasks.

Weavers Weekends are a thing. Why? Well, throughout the Autumn we've enjoyed being in this outdoor space, getting involved with a huge variety of jobs.

We learn new skills, we chat while we work, we get to see what Alex and the playground have planned... All this in the heart of bustling, lively Bethnal Green.

What you need to know about today's session:

  • It runs from 11-1. Alex would love it if you can commit to the whole time, as we make a real dent in jobs that way. But if you can only commit to part of the time, that's fine - we'd still love to see you.

  • Places are capped, so if anything changes from the time of sign-up to Saturday, please please un-sign to enable someone else to take your place.

  • You need to bring a face covering in case you're working closely with others outside, or if you choose an indoor task. Please bring gloves too.

  • Both Area Activator Laura and Alex will be on-site, to deal with any issues or queries that may arise.

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Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Weavers Weekends: Saturday at THE PLAYGROUND!

Sat 31 Oct 11:00 am
Weavers Adventure Playground, Viaduct Street, London, E2 0BH
Switch dumbbells for decking, lat pulldown for logs as we enjoy a sociable Saturday workout.

It's Saturday which means one thing: we're back to this fun adventure playground for our fifth Autumn visit where we'll be joining Alex for a variety of manual tasks, from lifting outdoor decking to loading the skip.

It's fun, it's friendly and it's the perfect way to kick off your weekend.

What you need to know

  • The session runs from 11-1. You don't need to commit to the whole time - Alex will find jobs for you if you arrive late!

  • Please bring gloves. Alex always has spares but good idea to bring your own too.

  • 5 people will be inside painting, so please EVERYONE wear your oldest clothes!

Who's doing what

  • Task owner Alex will be dividing you up into groups to undertake all manner of jobs, including painting inside the hall, clearing decking, shifting playground furniture, cleaning toys and loading the skip.

  • Area Activator Laura will be on hand to answer queries, offer any spare PPE and spare gloves, take pics, and resolve any issues.

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

THREE TASK MONDAY:Digging at Meath Gardens, delivering newsletters at Parkview Estate, leafleting for St Margaret's House

Mon 28 Oct 18:45 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
We're helping Meath Gdns with some serious digging AND doing a little leafleting for St Margaret's House AND delivering newsletters for Parkview Estate!

Come and join us this week as we help out with the Autumn effort in Meath Gardens.

We'll be digging and clearing and litter-picking at Meath Gardens, and sending a smaller crew across the way to Parkview (where we recently were with our acorn task) to help Catherine distribute this month's issue of Parklife newsletter! A small team are also heading out to help St Margaret's Hse with some leafleting for their wonderful new children's comedy workshops, the Hilarity Academy!

Then we will all meet at Meath to enjoy some total body exercises on our favourite Fitness Tree.

Remember: all our fitness, including our running to the task, is suitable for every level of fitness. You don't need to be an established runner, and no one ever gets left behind.

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Susanna Wright went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

#GG10 - Cars in Their Eyes

Mon 16 Sep
Report written by Laura Williams

Flags and frolics

25 runners stood on the Town Hall Hotel steps this evening to pose with our phenomenal flag as we celebrated GoodGym being 10.

This was a truly terrific task tonight: we were heading down to the Royal London to meet with Barts Volunteers and Tower Hamlets Councill for a combined effort, and with some new faces which is always one of the biggest joys of the night.

Yes, we said hello to the brilliant Siobhan from Newham, and first time runner Katherine who offered smiles, the hardest of work, and generally an all-round amazing contribution. Thank you and please come back soon. And we were so lucky too to be joined by Nurjehan and Rita who were on loan from Haringey, and wanted to celebrate #GG10 by running “where it all began”.

So. After a brief warm up and the weekly debate about which route to take, (“Fewer traffic lights would be good, what do you all think?”. “This is London, Laura, there are quite a few lights.”), we set out (weaving our way passed the many arrivals to York Hall for London Fashion Week activity).

We ran at a decent pace, with Eimear being the world’s best backmarker this week, and doing her utmost to keep the group together.

Two tasks, two TASK OWNERS

We arrived at the hospital to the warmest of welcomes from Nancy of Barts Volunteers, and James from Tower Hamlets Council.

Tasks were assigned and the team sped off:

  • One team headed out with James and Mark to the front of the hospital to blitz the hotel grounds in a litter pick-and-a-half.
  • Another team headed out front to get some new plants bedded into the planters by the A&E entrance.
  • A third team headed to our favourite John Harrison Garden where Nancy took a team through a big operation of litter-picking, pruning and weeding the planters. The whole area looked beautiful by 8.15pm.

We picked, we pruned, we dug…We didn’t stop. Another glorious night.

Speedwork & cider

The time flew as always and before we knew it we head (and sped) back to base with our favourite greyhound-and-hare game: me leading the hares and David S brilliantly and slickly leading the greyhounds, for a blinding bit of speedwork to end the night with. Thank. You. All.

And then we all headed to our favourite bar, for a fantastic impromptu school night swifty to say cheerio to David V, who leaves us this week, and who will be much missed. David has contributed heaps in his relatively short time with us, from throwing himself into every task to providing us with some truly fine puns.

Will you check OUT what we have coming up?

Now, what’s up next. Well, the #GG10 celebrations continue as Task Force member Kat is running the most fabulous parkrun activity this weekend as part of #SuperSaturday. Join Kat and the crew for some pacing, marshalling, cake-eating and litter-picking in the park.

And next week, we’re back to two-tasking it again, as we head to Hollybush for some Autumn overhauling of the garden, and an all-new task at Canal Community Garden (yes, it’s on the canal – exciting!) to help Sally with a variety of tasks. So come on – make it an Autumn to remember and get your name down now.

But until then, make sure you have THE best week: enjoy the squirrels, enjoy the conkers, enjoy the sun as you pound the pavement, and take the very best of care of your lovely selves.

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