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Community mission

Come and Guide Run with Achilles International

Thu 30 Sep 18:00 pm
Green Park Underground Station, London, W1J 9DZ
Be a sighted runner and explore the world of guide running!

Achilles International are an amazing organisation who link guide with blind and particially sighted runners, and they are looking for potential guides for future training sessions.

Goodgym (and parkrun) communities have been very supportive of this team over the years, so we are looking to see if we can introduce more runners to the world of guiding.

Green Park Group Runs

Every Thursday at 6pm, a regular crew of guides and blind/partially sighted runners will meet up at Green Park Underground Station (just by the ticket barriers), ready to partake in a 5-8km run around the park. We aim start at 6.15pm, and we operate a bag drop during the session.

How do I get involved?

We are looking for volunteers to come and help our runners from the station, over to our meeting spot near Green Park Fountain, and back again afterwards. TFL staff are on hand to assist with the runners journey to and from Green Park.

We are looking for guides to navigate the runners during the session (paces and distances will be discussed beforehand), and to look out for obstacles and hazards during the run.

Open to runners of all guiding experience

If you are not confident with guiding a runner at first, you are welcome to run with a guiding couple to watch their techniques and how it is done.

What do I do now

If you are interested, sign up here.

We will contact you on Wednesday, and link you to the Achilles International WhatsApp group to discuss our plans for Thursday evening.

Introduce yourself, and let us know your guiding experience, and we will work together to create an awesome group!

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Help to get connected for Ms I

Fri 24 Sep

We have been asked by Age UK Camden to help Ms I with using her Laptop and programmes such as zoom.

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Suraj signed up to a mission • Help to get connected for Ms I
Fri 24 Sep
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Sun 12 Sep
Suraj went on a mission

Short and sweet grocery run for Mr A

Fri 6 Aug
Report written by Suraj

I had a quick bike ride to Mr A's place where he greeted me with a big smile and a cute shopping list. I did a short walk to Sainsbury's, got the stuff and dropped it off to a very happy Mr A. Short and sweet mission accomplished :)

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Suraj completed a coach visit
Thu 5 Aug
Suraj signed up to a mission • Food shopping for Mr A
Fri 6 Aug
Suraj went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Trash of the Titans

Mon 2 Aug
Report written by Laura Williams

Twix and chats

Our incredible team of 20 rose to the multi-sport challenge of a busy task and run this evening.

We met in the gorgeous Museum Gardens, eating Twix fingers and chatting, while we waited for the team to assemble.

Multi-sport options

Our tribe tonight was made up of club runners, joggers, walkers and cyclists, complete with a plan for everyone to enjoy tonight's picturesque route.

Chris was navigating the route and front-runners this evening; Sara and Fiona our cyclists who doubled-up as splendid route navigators and backmarkers for the walkers, while our Beth backmarked and led the walking team. It worked a treat! We all arrived at Meath on time, ready to be greeted and briefed by Joanna and Tunde from Friends of Meath Gardens.

Multi-task tasking

A small team joined Joanna and Tunde planting new trees in the far corner of the park, while the remainder of the team focused on a multi-task task: collecting litter, and pulling up weeds from around the new young trees, scattered around the park.

And did those kids get a haul: from hula hoops to mattresses; beer bottles to Red Bull tins, no trash stone was left unturned. Bags and bags were filled, as we enjoyed chatting to park-users and Meath residents as we went about our trashy task.

The stash

And then it was 8 and we were posing for our triumphant final pics, and our donation handover: yes, a multitask of tasks, this evening saw us gather any unwanted menswear and un-used tech for the Care4Calais crew, Tulio (and Joanna) for our temporary Bethnal Green residents who need a hand with some of the basics atm.

...And the shout-outs

To our Chris, Sara, Fiona and Beth, who led the sports activity. Well done for top teamwork and giving us a Group Run that saw us pottering along Bethnal Green streets, towpaths, and parks, without a single hitch.

To Sara and Ivy, who brought clothes and phones for this evening's donations!

To Harry, who brought you this week's spectacular pun.

Next week, we become Team GB...

And so 'till next week, folks, when we become I am Team GB as we head to Victoria Park, to once again join the phenomenal rangers team - sign-up here.

Until then, have a great week.

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Group run
Tower Hamlets

GROUP RUN: Meath Gardens + Hollybush Gardens + Care4Calais Donation-Drop

Mon 2 Aug 18:30 pm
Chiringuito, Museum Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA
Choose from two-tasks (AND spread even more joy by bringing unwanted items to tonight's task...)

Choose from tonight's tasks: gardening with Margaret at Hollybush or litter-picking and weeding at Meath Gardens.

What's happening tonight?

  • We'll be meeting in Museum Gardens at 6:30pm for a warm-up and briefing.

  • At 6:45pm we'll be leaving for Hollybush Gardens to 'drop off' a small group for an urgent gardening task.

  • For those who fancy a longer run, we'll then speed down Roman Road, to help Joanna and the team pick some litter and pull some weeds in Meath Gardens.

  • At 7pm and 8pm we will also host two slots for donation drops in Meath Gardens, for Care4Calais' clients, new temporary residents of Bethnal Green, who could do with a hand on the clothing and tech front. (Tulio from Care4Calais will collect this at 8pm).

  • Items needed for the donation drop include:

1) Menswear in small or medium sizes, particularly summer wear and sportswear.

2) Men's shoes, up to size 10, and especially shoe sizes 8 & 9.

3) Old, unwanted tech: smartphones and tablets.

If you want to join the run and you're bringing items, we will all help carry them down to the task on our run!

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