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Sam Chapman completed a training run β€’ Met league XC: Claybury 😬
Sat 16 Oct
Sam Chapman completed a training run β€’ Afternoon Run
Thu 14 Oct
Sam Chapman went on a mission

Boxing Day

Thu 14 Oct
Report written by Sam Chapman

Ms E needed some help packing up her belongings for her home move in a few days time as it was all a bit overwhelming for her to do alone. She only had a few boxes but I helped where I could and we had a good chat and a giggle, and hopefully helped her break the back of the stressful job of packing to move. πŸ˜€

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Sam Chapman signed up to a group run
Group run

Tottenham Green needs some love

Wed 20 Oct 18:45 pm
Blue House Yard, 5 River Park Road, London, N22 7TB
We're going back to basics at our former HQ!

Come and join us for an old school clear up at Tottenham Green.

The Run

Meet us at 6:45 for 4k run to task (one way - so bring your Oyster card for afterwards!). If you prefer, you can meet us at task for 7:15ish

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Sam Chapman signed up to a race

Met League Cross Country - Claybury

Sat 16 Oct 00:00 am
Claybury Park, London, IG6 2QS
Run with GoodGym for some cross country racing!

It’s XC time and we are officially taking part in the 🏁 Met League Cross Country, it's a monthly series of 5 races as follow:

What is it ❓

Met League Cross Country is a set of five 7-8km races organised by London race clubs. They are held in parks around London with the routes including a mixture of grass, gravel and a little mud!

⏲️ Races are held in age groups for women and men. We take part in the Senior division.

  • Women's race will start around 13:30
  • Men's race will start around 14:30

Please arrived at least 20 minutes early to warm up and get your race number, also Men should arrive at the start of women race to cheers on πŸ”₯!

This is how the scoring works πŸ…

  • All races are scored on a reverse scoring basis, i.e. if there are 50 athletes in a race, the first finisher shall score 50 points, the 50th finisher 1 point.
  • So your time doesn't matter, it's your finishing position. But it is the taking part that we really care about!

To Take Part πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

The cost is Β£5 and gives you access to all 5 races in the season! You can take part in as many on the races as you like. Payment can be done on the day or via bank transfer.

In order to participate you need to be a first claim member of the GoodGym Race Team. If you need help with this contact

You can also check your UKA Number on this page.

Second claim members can also compete for GoodGym as long as their first claim club is not competing in Met League

You are welcome to join this WhatsApp group to chat to others taking part.

Post Race 🍻

After each race, we will go to a pub to celebrate and eat some lunch. Everyone is welcome to join.

Outside of London? πŸ—ΊοΈ

If you are from a GoodGym outside of London let us know we will help you to find somewhere to stay if you want.

Supporters πŸ”Š

Feel free to join If you just want to cheer, take photo or join us in the pub after :D

Volunteers πŸ™πŸ»

We also need to provide 1 volunteer per fixtures so if you are injured 😒 but still want to take part or you just want to help let me know πŸ’ͺ🏻

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Sam Chapman completed a training run β€’ Evening Run
Wed 13 Oct
Sam Chapman went on a group run
Group run

Poetree In Motion!

Wed 13 Oct
Report written by Euclides Montes

7 indus-tree-ous Goodgymmers paced the streets of North London, flyering for the wonderful Trees for Streets.

Kudos Corner

Sam the Conqueror laughed off Covid just a mere couple of weeks ago and got back in the saddle, racing her way to her 200th Good Deed tonight! Hero!

Also, a busy running weekend saw our Julie and Sarah tackle the Manchester Marathon, our Niamh and Dave smash the Camino Epping Forest Ultra, and our Charlie speedy-gonzales his way to his first ever half marathon at the Royal Parks. Speedsters galore! <3

On Wednesdays, we smash the pa-tree-archy

The good folk at Trees for Streets are on a mission to give London another push to become a city forest and at Goodgym Haringey we had to get involved in the party.

Heroics started the night before when Lizzie from TfS was let down by a courier but undeterred, she commandeered a hire car and traversed London town to deliver a very heavy box of leaflets to good ol' Gramps.

Tonight at HQ, both Charlie and Dave turned up looking fresh after their speedy exploits from the weekend and joined Nurj, Geraldine, Kapil and Gramps in celebrating the wonderful Sam as this was her 200th Goodgym Good Deed. We had vegan jellies and badge maths shenanigans.

We then ran a rather hilly route towards the valley at the bottom of Alexandra Palace where our efforts were to focus tonight. And before yew could say 'who put Bella in the Wych Elm' our Goodgymmers had divided into two groups: one led by Sam, the other by Nurj and Geraldine and we ran on opposite sides of the road, leafleting to our heart's content.

After about 45 minutes and 4k later, we came to a halt before the group's timekeeper had a chance to tell Gramps off for overrunning.

Selfies here, more vegan jellies there. And a nice run back to HQ. An ace eve.

Join us next week when we're visiting the Friends of Tottenham Green for more fun and games.

And while we're at it, however punnily tangentially, fuc* the patriarchy.

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Sam Chapman signed up to a mission β€’ Help Ms E pack up her living room
Thu 14 Oct
Sam Chapman completed a training run β€’ Lunch Run
Sun 10 Oct
Sam Chapman completed a training run β€’ Afternoon Run
Fri 8 Oct
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