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Rosa completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 15 May
Rosa completed a walk • Morning Walk
Thu 13 May
Rosa signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Help out at Cody Dock

Tue 18 May 19:00 pm
11c South Cres, London , E16 4TL
Do good - Get fit

The lovely Basia would like your help in the docks with some tree -planting and painting

Participant cap is officially removed, so we can have many more hands on deck, providing a more efficient slot.

Here's to a quality session as per last week


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Rosa completed a training run • Morning Run
Wed 12 May
Rosa went on a community mission
Community mission

Roll models

Tue 11 May
Report written by Sharon Prince

As the sun started to disappear behind the clouds Rosa and Hilary headed towards the dockside and started to mix the first pot of paint for the continuation of painting the dock rail. Graham and Simon mixed a second pot of paint under the supervision of Rosa.... I gave the railings a gentle sand and wipe down before helping with the painting.

Working dockside became a little breezy which started to effect how the paint dried so it was time to clean the brushes before we headed to the garden area for a well earned cake.

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Rosa completed a ride • Afternoon Ride
Mon 10 May
Rosa completed a ride • Lunch Ride
Mon 10 May
Rosa completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 9 May
Rosa went on a community mission
Community mission

Vax Return

Sat 8 May
Report written by Hilary

After a break from the ExCeL last weekend, it was good to return to find the centre a bit busier now that vaccinations have opened up to the over 40 age group.

Also interesting for this shift was the opportunity to share the centre with people involved in counting the votes for the recent local and London Mayor elections, identifiable by their party rosettes or security issued wrist bands. The ExCeL is massive, so there is no problem with the space available – the vote counting and observing happening in a completely different part of the building, with the Barts NHS volunteers still out in force to try to keep everyone socially distanced, sticking to the one way system and reminding folks to use face masks.

Graham was first stationed at the car park entrance, whilst Rosa was given the ‘top of stairs’ post and a slightly ominous heads up that this particular position was proving challenging today... Meanwhile I was sent to the main entrance, where I found myself supported by no less than three security guards and two police officers. Over the course of the shift, it transpired that ability of the various people involved with the count to follow the one way system correlated with their party political views on the reality or otherwise of the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of the volunteers were able to establish that Piers Corbyn and his entire entourage are exempt from wearing face masks, what are the chances!

Anyway, we saw a nice cat on the way home, look forward to another shift next week.

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Rosa went on a community mission
Community mission

Shut that door! How much litter

Sat 8 May
Report written by Sharon Prince

A pick of two halves and a change of plan on areas needing to be cleared.

The team from Cody Dock had checked the local towpaths and due to only a small amount of rubbish they decided our time would be better spent clearing the estates roads and green areas.

Each team of 8 had an area to clear,the estate has large green spaces along the roads which sadly had been used for fly tipping.

Rosa,Hilary,Graham,Helen,Kevin and I formed part of the am shift clearing along Cody Dock Road,as always a mix of rubbish and sadly too many bottles of driver tizer.

Chris joined the pm teams and helped clear the Cody Dock Nature Space,where it seems a balloon party had taken places.

Glad that we have been able to help clear so much rubbish but so sad that so many of these days are needed.

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