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Rebecca completed a walk • Swamp thing
Sun 23 Jan
Rebecca completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 22 Jan
Rebecca completed a training run • Run home
Mon 17 Jan
Rebecca went on a training session
Training session

Queen Elizabeth III

Mon 17 Jan
Report written by Steven Hitcham

I received a phone call from BBC Look East during the morning to see if GoodGym Norwich could go live on the news later in the day.

As it is Blue Monday and the fact they had heard about Elizabeth Halford's recent award, they rightly thought adding GoodGym to the news show would share a positive message to others.

At short notice, 20 GoodGymers managed to make it to The Forum for their minute of fame, I mean to support Elizabeth. They all received a good workout while we were being filmed.

The father of GoodGym CEO Ivo designed the Angel of the North statue, so I thought it'd be fitting to have Elizabeth's face super imposed to it.

Oh, and yes the BBC spelt my name wrong haha.

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Rebecca completed a training run • Run to goodgym
Mon 17 Jan
Rebecca signed up to a training session
Training session

Live on BBC Look East

Mon 17 Jan 18:30 pm
The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, NR2 1TF
Become famous... or infamous

BBC Look East would like to to go live on air this evening to put a positive note on Blue Monday and to capture Elizabeth's recent incredible award.

We're going to meet at The Forum at 6.30pm, to do a gentle fitness session live on air about 6.45pm. We'll pretend we're going off to a Group Run but we won't actually be doing that!

Optional whether or not anyone then fancies going for a run afterwards.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come along as the more we have there the better it will look!

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Rebecca completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Sun 16 Jan
Rebecca went on a group run
Group run

The ‘Branch Manager’

Sat 15 Jan
Report written by Steven Hitcham

This morning's task was another visit to Mousehold Heath but on this occasion we visited an area of the heath that we hadn't visited before.

Myself and Nicole made our way there from The Forum, while the others met us at the heath, some of whom had completed parkrun.

Nigel greeted us and explained the task ahead, which was to trim the bottom parts of the trees beside the car park. This was to help the tree health and to keep the park exposed from the car park.

The loppers came out and we didn't hang about in getting on with the task.

Beks' doggo Emrys was assisting in collecting up the sticks and branches, so much so that he was trying to grab the branches from Nicole.

I had a slight awkward moment (aside from standing in dog p00) when a dog ran towards me so I got my camera out and said "come here Emrys" and started taking photos of it. A man was walking over while looking at my weirdly followed by Beks telling me "that's not Emrys"... oops.

We got loads done and Nigel was rather impressed when he came back over 30 mins later.

Well done to all 9 GoodGymers who were able to make it, a job well done.

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Rebecca went on a community mission
Community mission

Ground dog day

Sat 15 Jan
Report written by Elizabeth H

273 people made their way around a still muddy Catton Park this week but it wasn’t raining (hurrah) it was a pleasant morning, and so many doggies with owners, kept Ollie busy as dog owner scanner. Since new year we’ve steadily had more first timers and today was no exception, as a large group gathered around for their briefing, hope you enjoyed your first time here. A group of lovely ladies were taking part in their first parkrun after attending a couch2fiveK, I joined them afterwards at the Coffee truck treating themselves after a great run. See you next week ladies. Embarrassingly, James (RD) sounded me out to announce my winning The Goodgym Sean Coxhead Award and presented me with flowers from Catton Parkrun, thank you all for the clapping and cheering. Rebecca (and Emrys) were marshalling in their fav place in the woods and afterwards went onto their 2nd Goodgym Group Run at Mousehold Heath. Goodgymers Bobby, Robert & Alina flew the flag for GG running today. Bobby and Alina also made their way to Mousehold afterwards.

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Rebecca completed a training run • Pre parkrun
Sat 15 Jan
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