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Nathalie Levi completed a training run • Another car retrieval run
Sun 26 Sep
Nathalie Levi completed a training run • Berry Maze GG
Tue 21 Sep
Nathalie Levi went on a group run
Group run

We knew weed manage it

Tue 21 Sep
Report written by Melanie Young

Just one task on a Tuesday night made for a much simpler intro and plan, though the counting thing was still a struggle! Cycling and running groups set off after celebrating various event successes and supporting including Maria's VI guiding for the Bristol 10K. We're hoping to further increase GG Bristol's involvement with the Bristol VI Runners - watch this space! Maria then led the whole group to the lovely Berry Maze.

Jackie was so impressed with the turnout that the first action was to get more tools out!

GoodGymmers were soon recreating sharp edges on the maze beds, giving the lavender plants space to breath, unwinding bindweed, clearing prickly weeds and eating lovely red and golden raspberries and a few blackberries.

Maybe the most fun was the resultant "Weed Toss" - all the weeds get chucked into the wilderness zone, initially over Very Tall Phill's head.

It was great being back amongst so many GoodGymmers helping our community. We were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset, a realisation that headtorches (or Vaguely Northern Darren's glove lights) are a good idea already!

Congratulations to Clo for her 300th good deed and accompanying cake :-)

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Sat 18 Sep
Nathalie Levi went on a community mission
Community mission

A Rubbish Morning…

Sun 12 Sep
Report written by Nathalie Levi

…in the best possible way! Six intrepid Good Gymmers headed out to new terrain (St George’s Park) for a spot of litter picking. The sun came out for a glorious hour of idyllic rubbish removal around the park. Then we gathered by the tennis courts to celebrate six bags less trash out in the greenery. Keep your eyes peeled for what will hopefully become a more regular Good Gym task.

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Nathalie Levi completed a training run • Double GG Day
Sun 12 Sep
Nathalie Levi went on a community mission
Community mission

Oh we don’t like to be beside the lakeside

Sun 12 Sep
Report written by Nathalie Levi

An elite group of very select Good Gymmers (3 of us) were the only ones to sign up to this task so we had a change of plan and didn’t go down to the lake. Instead we dealt with biblical scenes, as over the weekend someone decided to burn a bush. We trimmed it back so it wasn’t so messy and sticking out sharply into the path then relaxed with some elderflower cordial on the bowling green.

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Nathalie Levi signed up to a group run
Group run

Back to the Berry Maze

Tue 21 Sep 18:20 pm
Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4LH
The berries can grow even better

It's Tuesday so it's a group run, meeting in (and returning to) Queen Square and leaving there at 6.30

We’re back to the Berry Maze for weeding, wiring, tying and hopefully munching some berries.

Please bring your own gloves, the tools are provided for us. There may be cake 🙂

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Nathalie Levi signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Sunday Lakeside at Eastville - 12 Sep

Sun 12 Sep 10:00 am
Eastville Park, , Fishponds Rd, , Bristol , BS5 6XA
Preserving the path so stones stay put

A classic GoodGym task returns with weeding the path round the Eastville Park lake to help stop any more stones falling in. Nothing stops this task not even rain!

We’ll meet at the gate to the Nissen Hut near the Tennis Courts at 10 to walk down to the lake, or meet at the lake at ten past.

Lots of tools provided but please bring your own gloves. There’s toilets, hand washing facilities and there may even be some of Eastville’s famous elderflower cordial left if we’re lucky.

The gate to the Nissen Hut is at What 3 Words fact.turns.reach

And if anyone fancies a double deed day there’s another task at St George’s Park straight after that’s just a 15 min run away.

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