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Natasha Southam went on a training session
Training session

Splashing about on the canal

Tue 14 Jun
Report written by Pete Hutchings

It was a perfect hot sunny evening for a paddle along the canal.

we strapped on our buoyancy aids and after the difficult task working out if we wanted left or right paddles we made our way to the kayaks.

This was the tricky part get in and out of the boats is the point we we're most likely to fall in the water, safe say we all made it in and out ok, not with out a a few worrying moment's

A small competitive moment when we we're tasked with linking 5 boats together to form a raft and race. Congratulations to the team for linking together and steaming ahead to the bridge for the win!

it was great to meet Good Gymers from neighbouring areas and get up close with so many young coots and other waterfowl on the water.

Thank you Ritsu for the fab photos!

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Natasha Southam went on a community mission
Community mission

Making our mARC on Chelsea Flower Show

Sat 28 May
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Natasha, Victoria and I joined Damien and Will from the Arc Centre for a few hours of soul lifting and shifting to prepare a set of wooden planters in a children's playground near Arlington Square. The plan is to fill the planters with old soil, new soil and fresh water, ready for planting plants, bushes and flowers arriving next week.

After a short coffee break provided by the Arc coffee hub (which has grown incredibly since our last task!), we filled up a collection of jerry cans full of water and soaked some newly planted rose bushes just near Packington Street, before returning our wheelbarrows and tools back to the centre.

Wonderful work everyone! We will be back tomorrow, and on Monday evening!

Sunday 29th May, 12-2pm

Monday 30th May (Group Run)- 6.45-8.30pm

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Community mission

ARC Centre X Chelsea Flower Show (Saturday)

Sat 28 May 11:00 am
The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul Street , London, N1 7DF
A big ambitious project underway at the Arc Centre and Packington Gallery!

The Arc Centre and the Packington Gallery (a long time GG Islington task owner, and our wonderful group run location during the heart of lockdown!) have requested our assistance for their ambitious tree planting project!

The Chelsea Flower Show have donated hundreds of trees and plants to the Packington Garden Project, and the team need as many hands as possible to get these planted in the local community.

This will be our Saturday session, a perfect post-parkrun task!

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Natasha Southam went on a community mission
Community mission

Time to Square

Sat 21 May
Report written by Elizabeth

Today, at least 5 GoodGymmers met up to help The Friends of Canonbury Square Gardens with their open community gardening session (I mean, I spoke to 4 other people, but I'm sure there were more of us!). This is a monthly event, occuring on the 3rd Saturday morning of every month.

There were a range of jobs on offer today.

John volunteered for composting duty with an alacrity that suggested that last year's Covid has yet to release its grip on his sense of smell (or that he's possibly done enough composting with manure to be ambivalent to the scent of Canonbury's offerings).

Natasha started off by aerating the lawn using an intriguing rolling aerator. Despite looking simple enough, the struggle was real, and I was glad not to have volunteered for it myself. After the lawn was done, she joined Emily with a general potter that somehow included killing a tree (I was assured that this was intended 😎👍🏻).

Finally, Harish and I swept blossom off the paths of the Eastern gardens. This was incredibly satisfying work (and I'm not just saying that because I somehow commandeered the better brush at the start and bragged about the fact with every push of the broom). Harish enjoyed it so much, he wanted to take home the leaf grabber we used to transfer the piles of blossom to the compost bins. Ultimately, we decided that he would be too conspicuous carrying it off and so he's been forced to add it to his Christmas list.

Apologies to anyone I didn't speak to (& so haven't included): please do drop a note below to say which bits you worker on today 😊

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Community mission

Friends of Canonbury Square- Volunteer Morning (May)

Sat 21 May 10:00 am
Canonbury Square Gardens, Islington, London, N1 2AL
Lending a hand with this beautiful neighbourhood maintained garden in Islington

The Friends of Canonbury Square Gardens host an open community gardening session on the 3rd Saturday morning of every month.

Usual tasks would include bulb planting, trimming, laying compost, maintaining flower beds and litter picking.

Bringing gloves and appropriate working clothes would be recommended.

Find out more here:

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Training session

Paddle the canal

Tue 14 Jun 19:00 pm
Laburnum Boat club, Laburnum St, London, E2 8BH
Great workout for the arms!

Join us to take to the water for a paddle along The Regent’s Canal, it will be very social activity and lite work out.

Paddling along the Regent's Canal in Haggerston is unique way to view East London, surrounded by canal boats and passing by the wildlife. Great social opportunity to get together and it's a good work out for the arms!

The wonderful Laburnum Boat Club will be our host's, they are a fantastic charity working with young people.

Spaces are limited and the event is £10 each.

Bring a change of clothing and some old trainers, we won't be doing any rolling but you might still get wet!

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Natasha Southam went on a group run
Group run

Lovely Ginger Lillies

Mon 9 May
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Perfect running weather on Monday evening- fortunately well timed for our weekly group run from Elizabeth House Food Hub. Area Activator Simon met with Natasha, Josh, Adam, Charlotte and Charlotte (welcome to our first time group runners!) outside the community centre while discussing our busy weekends (Spartan races, Rat Races, White Star OX running relays, travelling Europe and Scandinavia and completing huge web project challenges were all on the cards).

After a dynamic warm-up, our running team made their way over to Thornhill Square Gardens, a 2 mile run up Highbury Hill (past the original Arsenal Stadium building, and through the current Arsenal Stadium), and up MacKenzie Road to Cally Road. Upon our arrival, Thornhill Square Gardens was already full of activity, as Anna, the volunteer coordinator for the Residents of Thornhill Square had found tasks for the rest of our crew.

Nikki, Emily, Adam and Alison were doing a cracking job of tending to a former patch of rose bushes (we had pulled up a lot of these dead bushes in the past- a big job!). Meanwhile, Paul, Natasha and Adam were set to shoveling bark and chipping into wheelbarrows, and evenly spreading the organic material across the flower beds (to refresh the soil and to protect the growing bulbs). Charlotte and Charlotte snipped away at the grass verges surrounding the flower beds to make the gardens look much tidier. Josh was given a mallet and chisel, and helped out with installing new posts and branch barriers for a "dead hedge" around the western side of the gardens. Caitlin had a smashing task of planting some spooky looking "ginger lillies", which are apparently not ginger and not lillies... but they resemble mandrakes. Very satisfying work!

As we wound down our activities for the evening, we separated off into a collection of groups. Emily lead a walking group setting off to The Owl and Hitchhiker pub in Holloway Road for our monthly social. Simon ran back to Elizabeth House with Adam and Josh, who completed a 4.2 mile loop combining some cycling and running on route through quiet back streets. A smashing way to finish off a top task!


Night of the 10,000m PBs- volunteer call out!

On Saturday 14th May, Parliament Hill Track will be hosting the Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs. This is the premier athletics event of the season- a full party with Europe's top running talents competing for Commonwealth Games qualifiers and international opportunities. It's completely free to the public too!

Highgate Harriers are looking for volunteers to help with manning the barriers on trackside, so you would have the best view of the night! Plenty of perks on offer as well!

For more info, have a look here:

Crouch End Open Space (CREOS) Sunday Volunteering Afternoon

We will be returning to CREOS on Sunday 15th May for more awesome forest path building assistance with The Conservation Volunteers and the Friends of CREOS. A classic Goodgym task with lovely local volunteers, often followed by a picnic and a chat!

Sign up here:

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Tower Hamlets

Post-Hackney Half GoodGym social

Sun 22 May 11:30 am
14 East Bay Lane, Hackney, E15 2GW
Celebrate your and your friends' success with GoodGymers afterwards!

If you’re running the Hackney Half this year – why not join us for a social in the sunshine afterwards?*

If you’re supporting at the Hackney Half this year – why not join us for a social in the sunshine afterwards?

If you’re not going to the Hackney Half at all this year – why not join us for a social in the sunshine afterwards?

Here East has a selection of bars, food outlets, outside and indoor seating and a common grassed area by the canal. See for more information.

• The long-term weather forecast looks good – and even if it gets cold, there are plenty of bars and cafes to go into.

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Community mission

Thornhill Square Gardens Open Volunteer Morning (May)

Sat 7 May 10:00 am
Thornhill Square, London, N1 1BE
Helping the local resident gardening team with their spring projects

This is an open volunteer gardening morning set up by the Friends of Thornhill Square. As one of the largest public spaces in Islington without council maintenance assistance, extra pairs of hands for bulb planting, composting, litter picking and preparing flower beds would be hugely appreciated!

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