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Naomi has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Wed 11 Sep 2019

Naomi is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Naomi went on a group run
Group run

I’m running gazeblow on puns

Tue 10 Sep
Report written by Benjamin Annear

27 GoodGym runners ran to the Samye Foundation this evening, wearing their red GoodGym tees in solidarity for #RunForGav and Suicide Awareness Day

This evening a huge amount of GoodGym runners showed up in force to run and help in their community. The warm up consisted of playing a game of 'Touch the Colour' and running clockwise whilst carrying out warm up drills that Ben shouted out

A HUGE welcome to Naomi and Catherine who both joined us on their first ever GoodGym runs in Cardiff. Naomi has actually been on two GoodGym runs previously, both which were led by Ben at the Love Trails Festival. Catherine is the sister of Sophie, a GoodGym runner who was running with GoodGym Cardiff for a long time before leaving Cardiff for pastures new.

Choose your group!

Welsh Dave, sporting his fluorescent pink shorts, led the speed running group. Ben, wearing shorts that were quite boring in comparison, led the sexy runners! Peter, led the walkie talkie group!

Welcome to the Samye Foundation - The home of Mindfulness courses for individuals, groups and businesses in Cardiff

This evening Lorraine had a whole list of tasks that she needed us to do. About 12 runners were allocated to paint a room that would become an office space. 2 runners (Adam and Mike) spent half an hour in the toilet together... Lorraine had given them the task to paint wooden boards that covered pipework. Approximately, 13 runners weeded the car park. Naomi and Lewis teamed up to move cement slabs, dig a hole for a maple tree and then create a new path using the slabs they moved. Tori stabbed holes in the bottom of a plastic bucket and then put soil and a small plant inside it.

With about 7 different sub-tasks going on at the centre at the same time, Ben had a challenging job of taking photos! It was amazing the amount runners were able to get done over the course of 30 minutes volunteering.

As soon as time was up, everyone gathered outside the front of the building for a group photo. And with smiles on our faces and our hands in the air, a group photo was captured that reflected how much fun we had that evening... loads!

Oh wow?! Food! That's kind

Completely to our surprise, the Samye Foundation had made us sandwiches to have before we ran back. Lorraine took the time to tell us about the AMAZING work they do at the Samye Foundation and we all listened intensely whilst munching on egg and cheese sarnies.

Time to run back

It was 10 to 8 which meant it was time to get back! Welsh Dave quickly encouraged everyone to get into a running pace.

Who had a stitch?

Running after having food can bring on a stitch, however it was Tori who didn't even have a sandwich who had a stitch - Aww. Maybe it was seeing everyone eating that brought it on.

Stop your kettles boiling... It's Time for the Tweet Off!

Well done to Emma Wilkins! An incredible tweet off performance and you've managed to move up the leader board into second place!

  • LM 10
  • EW 5
  • MO 4
  • DRN 4
  • MG 4
  • NS 2
  • MJ 2
  • BA 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1
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Naomi signed up to a group run
Group run

GoodGym run to help Samye Mindfulness & Well-being Foundation

Tue 10 Sep 18:15 pm
Big Moose Coffee Co, 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff, CF10 2DB
Running to improve the facilities of the Samye Foundation

GoodGym Cardiff is the best way to get fit in Cardiff.

We meet every week at 6.15pm, in the Big Moose Coffee co. on Frederick St. There will be a short intro before the run and we aim to leave by 6.30pm to head to our task for the evening.

We are a fun and sociable group which does good and gets fit together. We keep together as a group and no-one is left behind! :) Come along and join us!

Our Mission this week!

This week we are back at Samye! We will be helping them improve their facilities. More info will be added... but tasks at Samye often include, painting, gardening and moving of items!

Don't waste another minute... Get signed up now!

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Naomi went on a training session
Training session

No moose-ing about on this run. We had an 8 mile training session to do!

Sun 8 Sep
Report written by Benjamin Annear

GoodGym and Big Moose runners combined forces for an 8 mile training run!

On Sunday morning, exactly 4 weeks before the Cardiff Half Marathon, over 25 runners showed up to go for an 8 mile training run. After a short warm up, which included running behind Cardiff castle and a game of Stuck in the Dance, everyone was ready to go!

Everyone then ran 8 miles (4 miles out and back) and after went to Big Moose for some post run pasta and salad!

A big thank you to the pacers!:

  • Darragh
  • Welsh Dave
  • Mikey
  • Lucy
  • Amy
  • Jo
  • Peter
  • Jeff
  • Fiona

And a huge thank you to Big Moose for putting on the pasta party after the run!

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