Maurice Fitzgerald

I am from Crewe with a Sociology degree from Bangor University. I worked for BR and various IT companies before retiring in 2017.


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Fri 21 Jan
Maurice Fitzgerald completed a training run • Lunch Run
Fri 21 Jan
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George's Litter Pick and Fitness Session

Wed 2 Feb 18:15 pm
George's Playing Field, West Street, Crewe, CW2 8TT
Making the Communal Area a Tidier Place for Local Residents

Tonight we will be meeting at the George's (near Simply Gym on West Street) where we'll be doing a fitness session, litter picking and a run/walk. The run will be a maxium of 5k and the walk a maximum of3k.

Litter pickers and bags will be provied, so all you need to bring is yourslves - if you have a head torch and you'd lik eo bring it along for the evening, please do, as it may get dark towards the end.

There might even be some biscuits on offer at the end (if I remember that is!!!).

If you'd like to come on your bike, they can be locked up by the railings at the Wishing Well.

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Thu 20 Jan
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'Schooling' Our Efforts

Wed 19 Jan
Report written by Nicola Marshall

Emily, Claire, Karen & Nigel & Maurice had a productive night back with Motherwell again this week (a hatrick).

We had two groups this evening - a walking group and a running group. I love that we can have both options available so that it's inclusive for all

Tonight, the lovely Claire headed up the running group (Nicola still plagued with covid!) and took the gang on a lovely little tour though Wistaston. Karen headed up the walking group and took her and Nigel on a somewhat hilly route (no cursing I hope Nigel?). Everyone made it back to base safe and sound, ready for the task ahead.

As always, the lovely Kate was at the helm, organising us and telling us what needed doing and what needed to go where. Tonight's task was no less important than any other week - in fact maybe more so..... tonight the gang were organising and sorting school uniform and baby clothes. In times when people are finding themselves struggling due to increased living costs as well as the implications of a global pandemic, help and support like a uniform exchange is more vital than ever. Receiving donations and support from organisations like Motherwell can sometimes quite literally be the thing that keeps them out of crisis.

Well done to Motherwell for supporting our community in such an amazing way and well done to our fabulous team for their continued hard work, dedication and commitment to helpin their community too.

You're all incredible and I'm proud to know each and every one of you!

Have a great week and keep up the good work.

Love & hugs

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Wed 19 Jan
Wed 19 Jan
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Tue 18 Jan
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Sorting Donations for the Baby Bank

Wed 19 Jan 18:15 pm
54 Beech Drive, Crewe, CW2 8RG
With more and more people in financial crisis due to the pandemic and rising living costs, this service is vital

Motherwell is a service provided for women by women, promoting positive health and wellbeing, by offering a range of educational services, holistic therapies and mental health support.

We've supported Motherwell on many ocassions in the past and look forward to working with them again throughout 2022!

Tonight we will be helping with sorting through donations that have been received for the uniform exchange and the baby bank. So many families haven affected by the far reaching effects of covid and the implication to their finances, so this service is more vital than ever in helping to support families in need.

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