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Louis Gergaud signed up to a training session
Training session

Online Yoga/Mobility Sessions

Mon 25 Jan 18:20 pm
Your Street, Your City, Your Post Code
Helping to keep you bendy and injury free

Join us every Monday, 6.20-7pm GMT

If you're aiming to keep running through winter, mobility is key to staying strong and injury free. Conditioning sessions are essential, yet are often neglected.

To help you stay on track this winter, Rapha is hosting a series of 40-minute sessions every Monday evening from 6.20-7pm to keep you limber and ready, run by Daisy Hughes. Although 'geared' toward cyclists, the sessions are still very applicable to runners.

The sessions are focused on improving your mobility and flexibility. The predominant areas focussed on are; hip flexors, hamstrings, quads and the back. We will work on each of these muscle groups to increase range of motion which will translate to increased flexibility and injury prevention.

All sessions are completely free. You can sign up to every session and make it part of your weekly routine, or simply drop in to one or two. Please sign up by noon on the day of each session and you'll be emailed a Zoom meeting link to join. You'll need a mat and ideally a chair, small ball like a trigger point massage ball or apple, and a long band like a belt or a dressing gown strap.

About Daisy: Daisy Hughes is a personal trainer specialising in yoga, mobility and calisthenics. Daisy also trains as a stunt woman and has competed for Great Britain in the Triathlon World Championships.

Find out more at: https://daisyhughes.com/



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Louis Gergaud signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Box scrub at Food2You, Thursday edition

Thu 28 Jan 15:00 pm
Yalding Healthy Living Centre, London, SE16 3TY
Help this fantastic organisation

Are you available to help our friends at Food2You on a Thursday afternoon in SE16? This is a fun task that will make a big difference!

What's involved?

  • Meet Food2You team at at the Yald Healthy Living Centre between 3-5pm (go around the back of the building and through the car park)
  • Take boxes and lids from delivery vans
  • Remove labels and disinfect with spray
  • If needed, disinfect inside of van

Food2You is a shopping delivery service provided for older people through Age UK. We are excited to be able to get involved, with this task now a weekly activity on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

You will, of course, need to adhere to social distancing rules, wear a mask and gloves and take direction from the Food2You team.

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Louis Gergaud went on a community mission
Community mission

Pedal Powered Parcels

Fri 22 Jan
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

This Friday was our first Ringcross Community Foodbank Cycle Delivery session in complete daylight! We did not require additional lights for the first time in months (perhaps spring is going to start soon?).

4 intrepid cyclists joined us fpr our weekly cycling task, delivering large bags of donated shopping and essentials for Islington, Harringey and Camden households. Our team were all previous participants, and the crew mentioned how much quicker we were this week (we have a smooth and efficient system now!). 7-8 deliveries were dropped off to very thankful residents!

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Louis Gergaud went on a community mission
Community mission

Not mush-room in here...

Wed 20 Jan
Report written by GillianDulwich

...actually, there were a lot of mushrooms...3 traysful in fact....edible, but not suitably ‘market fresh’ to sell to retailers. Along with Savoy cabbages, oranges, bananas, fennel, pea shoots, salad leaves, okra and more we ‘tidied’ them up and bagged them to be collected by members of the community with or without making a donation to the charity. Amazing work by the ladies whose mission it is to reduce food waste...which hopefully we helped them to do

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Louis Gergaud signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Prepping and bagging up food for vulnerable families

Wed 20 Jan 13:00 pm
Yvonne Carr Centre, 2 Thessaly Rd, London, SW8 4HT
Lunchtime mission!

Waste Not Want Not, a charity which uses perfectly good food which would otherwise be thrown away to make meals for vulnerable local people, have been really busy feeding the families of children who have free school meals in the area.

They could do with a hand prepping and packing the food for an hour over lunchtime in the kitchen of a community centre so that it can be distributed to those who need it.

Please do bring and wear your mask to this inside task.

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Louis Gergaud went on a community mission
Community mission

A bike? E-bike!

Fri 15 Jan
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Goodgym Islington returned to the Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank this week (4pm every Friday) for a round of cycle deliveries around the local area. We had a great crew on board for the evening, including new starter Olivia and Peter from Redbridge, who joined us with his company cargo bike.

We completed 12 deliveries between us to households in the Islington and Harringey- really great work, especially considering how large some of the parcels were. Our team made use of large backpacks, pannier bags and baskets to safely transport essential food and produce to their neighbours.

Incredible work everyone. See you again soon!

You can sign up here for next week's session:


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Louis Gergaud signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Elizabeth House Foodbank Deliveries

Tue 26 Jan 12:30 pm
Elizabeth House Food Hub, 2 Hurlock Street, London, N5 1ED
Assisting this awesome project with foot deliveries to local households

The lovely folks at the Elizabeth House Foodbank have invited Goodgym back to help with their ongoing community delivery service. The team were super productive over the festive period, and we are happy to continue their excellent work.

This task is will involve deliveries of food and supplies on foot to local households around Islington. Bringing a substantial rucksack could be useful, but not essential.

Area Activator Simon will be present to help with the running of this session.

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Louis Gergaud signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Cyclists wanted! Ringcross Community Centre Foodbank

Fri 29 Jan 16:00 pm
Ringcross Community Centre, 60 Lough Rd, London, N7 8RH
Delivering essential supplies to local neighbourhood families

Ringcross Community Centre has been operating a large foodbank since the start of lockdown, and currently offers food and essentials to over 70 Islington households every week.

Islington Cycle Club have also offered assistance to the project, by arranging a food collection pickup from shops and supermarkets, often using a cargo e-bike.

Goodgym have offered to assist with delivering shopping parcels to various households around Islington (no more than 2 miles from the community centre).

Would you like to be a foodbank cycle courier?

All deliveries will be prepared in advance, with addresses and contact phone numbers attached to the parcels.

You will need:

A bike

A method for carrying pretty heavy stuff

This can be pannier bags, or a large rucksack (12 ltrs or larger). Most deliveries would be the size of 4 shopping bags of items, so a larger capacity bag will make your trip easier. A few spare bags will be available to borrow if required.

There are 3 large bags available to borrow if you are without a suitable rucksack!

Some sort of map

Google maps on your phone would be fine.

Confidence when cycling on London streets

We are looking for safe cyclists! Steady, controlled and predictable cycling is preferred over speedy deliveries!

Any questions, feel free to contact Simon Fitzmaurice (Islington Trainer).

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