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James McCloud completed a training run • Brutal Eelmoor
Sat 22 Jan
James McCloud completed a training run • Evening Run
Thu 20 Jan
James McCloud completed a training run • Evening Run
Wed 19 Jan
James McCloud went on a group run
Group run

I Hope Our Paths Croissant Again…..🥐

Wed 19 Jan
Report written by Wayne

This evening Wayne, Adam, Anne, Martin, Susan, Rebecca, and Alys met at Woking leisure centre, James was running late so he went straight to the Woking food bank.

Adam thought it would be a good idea to clock up some extra Kilometres for the GG January challenge by taking us the long way round to the food bank, luckily it was not as cold as it has been recently.🥶

Once we got there we were greeted by James and Alison who runs the food bank. We got stuck in straight away. Rebecca and Alys armed with hoovers started at one end of the food bank while James and Martin with flashy brooms started at the other end.

Wayne and Anne were given a task on the 1st floor were we had to empty crates that were full of books to different boxes, we came across some interesting books. Once completed we took the carter back down stairs to give to Alison.

By the time we got down the mopping had started James and Susan were busy getting the floor looking very shiny. Within 40 mins the place was looking great.

Anne mentioned that there was a new community kitchen that had just opened in the town so thought it would be a good idea to run there and introduce Good gym and offer our services. It was a short run when we got there we met a lovely gentleman by the name of Norman who told us all about the kitchen and how they prepped meals and distributed within the community. He also informed us that at the end of the month he was moving to different premises and would get in touch if assistance was required.

Norman then went back in and came out with a bag of tasty croissant for all of us which was much appreciated 🥐 Once digested we ran back to Woking Park there we decided to do a few laps of the park with James attempting to break his 1KM record, he was gone in a flash…..⚡️

It was a great evening and a big well done to everyone. 👏🏻

This Sunday Rich And Victoria from GG are the run directors at Junior Park Run, I know volunteers are still required.

Next Wednesday we are at the RSPCA..

Have a great week everyone….

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James McCloud completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 17 Jan
James McCloud signed up to a group run
Group run

Woking Foodbank - Cleaning the foodbank

Wed 19 Jan 18:45 pm
Woking Leisure Centre, Woking Park, Kingfield Rd, Woking, GU22 9BA
Helping the Food bank organise and clean

Meet at Woking Leisure - Free Car Park available

From here we will run/jog/walk to the Lighthouse in Woking - this is where the Woking foodbank has one of there distribution centres.

After we will head off for some loops of Woking Park.

Please remember a torch

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James McCloud signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Volunteering at Woking Juniors Parkrun

Sun 23 Jan 08:45 am
Woking Leisure Centre, Woking Park, Kingfield Rd,, Woking, GU22 9BA
Supporting young people getting into running

GG Members Victoria & Rich Are Run Directors🏃🏾‍♂️

Come and support GG Members Victoria & Rich who are taking control of this park run. 🌞

Junior park run is now back on. Marshals and 'back office' volunteers are required to support and encourage the young runners as they run 2k around the park.

All roles are easy and can be taught, so don't be shy about trying out a new role.

To sign up - don't forget to get in touch with the event directly. just send an email to woking-juniors@parkrun.com


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James McCloud went on a community mission
Community mission

Runners In The Mist.....🏃🏾‍♂️🌫

Sun 16 Jan
Report written by Wayne

16th Jan 22 Junior Park Run.

On this cold and misty morning 8 GG Members got out of bed early to carry out volunteering duties at the junior park run to support the the 82 kids who where going to tackle the 2k course.

James was once again the official timekeeper he today had to pass on his knowledge Georgina who was learning the ropes and who hopefully will become an official member of GG.

Anne Victoria Adam Wayne Richard were allocated different points around the course as marshals to encourage and cheer the kids as they ran, considering how foggy and cold it was it was a great turn out.

Alys was carrying out barcode scanner duties. 

Rebecca was the official tail walker at the back making sure everyone finished and offering support. 

Would also like to thank Big Rich was has become our official photographer, we can always relay on him to get good shots, one day hopefully will get him in the picture to.

The Junior park run are always looking for volunteers with many different roles, if anyone fancies volunteering it would be much appreciated and after the run there is a social breakfast club at Mc'D's. 說

Wednesday we will be at the food bank carrying out some cleaning, we will be meeting at Woking Leisure Centre.

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James McCloud completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 16 Jan
James McCloud completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 15 Jan
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