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Frances Ruocco completed a training run • Early treadmill
Mon 15 Aug
Sat 13 Aug
Frances Ruocco signed up to a race

August Parkrun Meet Up - Preston Park

Sat 13 Aug 09:00 am
Preston park, Brighton, BN1 6SG
A timed 5k run with lots of lovely people!

Come run, walk, meet friends and finish up with coffee and something sweet. Make sure you get there for the run briefing just before 9am.

The course is 3 relatively flat laps of Preston Park in the sunshine. It is quite exposed in parts so be sure to bring water, although there is a café and drinking fountain nearby.

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Frances Ruocco has led a GoodGym walking session, leading others to the task to get more good done Fri 12 Aug 2022

Frances became a walk leader. Frances led the way for others to get fit by doing good.

Frances Ruocco completed a training run • Hot, Horrid Hill training
Fri 12 Aug
Frances Ruocco has completed their first run in a new area. Wed 10 Aug 2022

Curious? Frances has just run their first session in another area. For that explorative spirit Frances is awarded the scout badge. A Scout is trustworthy

Frances Ruocco completed a training run • Evening Run
Wed 10 Aug
Frances Ruocco went on a group run
Group run

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Wed 10 Aug
Report written by Wayne

This warm evening 8 GG Woking members braved the heat with a 10k run to Pyrford Primary School to remove some brambles. ☀️

We welcomed Frances from Goodgym Brighton who was in our lovely Town visiting family. We also welcomed Ben a friend of Frances who is thinking of joining us at Woking, 😄

Wayne ran from home to the school while the rest of the group met at Woking Leisure Centre. Lauren also joined us and cycled to the school. Once at the school we were kindly provided with a jug of water with some ginger nut biscuits along with a collection of tools ✂️.

The task looked very daunting and we though we would never finish it, but once we got going there was no looking back. With garden shears, rakes, we got busy cutting and pulling and screaming when being attacked by brambles 🌿. While working away we discovered that Ben was a landscape gardner which was very handy.

Wayne was moaning about his cut on the shin while James had opened up an old wound but it was all dealt with some antiseptic wipes. As we started seeing the fence that was behind the brambles we new we were getting there. It total we found 4 footballs ⚽️ and 2 tennis balls which we left in the playground.

Once the task was completed we finished off the water and the remaining biscuits had a good natter and everyone headed back.

Junior Park Run are still short of volunteers for this Sunday if anyone can help Please sign up. 🏃🏼‍♂️

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Frances Ruocco completed a training run • Goodgym
Tue 9 Aug
Frances Ruocco went on a group run
Group run

Gardening on Point

Tue 9 Aug
Report written by Brighton runner

We were truly spoilt with four NEW Goodgymers this week! Welcome to Carine, Tina, Rosie and Kim and thank you for getting stuck in!

With so many new hands, and a great turn out tonight's task really didn't take us long to get to work! We were greeted by Ron at Somerset House, a senior residence in Kempton who was "just looking for a little help" in the garden. With weeds to be banished from the paving and clearing the rose beds we cleared at least 12 (my best guess please correct me if you counted!) black bags of green waste and litter.

With so much completed a small group went to the car park to tackle a corner that was VERY over grown. There was a lot to do but that corner was cleared! Check out the photos for the before and after! We will be back to take on the rest of that car park. While this was going on, our very own Jason did a little DIY to fix a memorial water feature that hadn't been working.

With the heat we didn't make it to a fitness session tonight, though I'm sure there was plenty of arm work outs at the pub(!) If you'd like to take things slow and do some Yin Yoga to stretch out your hips, a problem area for runners, cyclers and walkers, please check out this video.

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