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100 not Out! (Another 100 staying in?!)

Tue 25 Jan
Report written by Amro

Today 18 brave GoodGymers met at Victoria Gardens on a freezing 2 degrees celsius evening...brrrrr

Before the start of the session, we welcomed back Rosieand Meland we celebrated my milestone of reaching 100 deeds by doing good since September 2017 😀. Admittedly I could've reached this number a lot sooner, if I showed up to every session I signed up for and changed my mind at the last minute! Guilty 😅

Today's task was an exciting one! We ran to Brighton Table Tennis Club that joined forces with the Real Junk Food Project to create a junk food cafe in the hall next to the BTTC. We were greeted by Rachel from BTTC that gave us a set of tasks to choose from:

A) A task for the Bold(s) and the Beautiful that like to live their lives on the edge: carrying heavy metal closets up 3 flights of stairs, carrying 'already damaged' sign boards, moving a heavy wood pallet with nails coming out of it and moving various other items. B) A task for those who like to play it safe and probably sleep with the lights on: litter picking in the car park, weeding, sweeping, dusting and collecting freebies kindly offered by the BTTC C) A task that really doesn't fit any category: paper shredding!

I won't be naming names and disclosing who did what but you can see for yourselves in the photos below 😀

After the task was completed, we ran to the terrace in Madeira Drive for a fun fitness session arranged by the one and only Tara. Albeit 7 GoodGymers who called it quit and ran back home, the remaining 11 runners started with running loops around the ramp, doing an intense session of 4 minute press-ups, a 3 minute AMRAP (As Much Raps As Possible) of cardio, a 2 minute Warrior 3 Yoga pose followed by a jumping-squats-off between Jay and Tara while the rest of us cheered their favorite athlete.

We wrapped up the session, said our goodbyes and ran back to base feeling a little better for completing another GoodGym deed 😀

-- Amro Tabari

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Frances Ruocco completed a training run • Goodgym
Tue 25 Jan
Frances Ruocco signed up to a group run
Group run

Clearing out a hallway to prepare for major works

Tue 25 Jan 18:15 pm
Victoria Gardens, Brighton, BN1 1WN
to turn it into a Junk Food Cafe

This week three really great organisations are joining forces to make something great happen!

The Brighton Table Tennis Club have joined forces with The Real Junk Food Project to create a junk food cafe in the hall next to the BTTC. And of course the third great organisation is us!

We'll be helping them clear the hall to prepare it for some major building works.

This is an indoor task so please bring a mask and I'm sure we can find something to do outside for anyone who is uncomfortable working inside.

Meet at Victoria Statue at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start.

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Wed 5 Jan
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