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Ellen completed a training run • #REDJanuary Day 15: part 2
Fri 15 Jan
Ellen completed a training run • #REDJanuary Day 15: part 1
Fri 15 Jan
Thu 14 Jan
Ellen completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 13 Jan
Ellen completed a walk • #REDJanuary Day 12: Lunch walk
Tue 12 Jan
Ellen went on a training session
Training session

GoodGym (not) parkrun - Week 1

Sat 9 Jan
Report written by Steven Hitcham

With the January Challenge well under way, the GoodGym Area Activators discussed ways we can engage members across all areas, on some bigger training sessions.

One of our ideas was a weekly GoodGym (not) parkrun, to be hosted by a different area each week, but open to GoodGymers from all areas each week.

I happily volunteered GoodGym Norwich to host the inaugural GoodGym (not) parkrun, with a rather large helping hand from Melanie Young at GG Bristol for organising the results.

I've inlcuded any photos that were sent to me. If you'd like your photo added to this report, please email steven@goodgym.org.

The results are below:

1) 18:32 Simon Fitzmaurice First Timer CR. 2) 19:35 Dave Thomson First Timer. 3) 22:25 Becky Jones First Timer. 4) 22:29 Manuel Laurijssen First Timer. 5) 22:45 Kerry Buckley First Timer. 6) 22:54 James G First Timer. 7) 22:59 Steven Hitcham First Timer. 8) 23:05 Stephen Reed First Timer. 9)= 23:28 Joanne Kitching First Timer. 9)= 23:28 Hilary Wood First Timer. 11) 23:36 Katie Carew-Robinson First Timer. 12) 24:00 Lisbon Dave First Timer. 13) 24:10 Robert Organ First Timer. 14) 24:22 Jonathan W First Timer. 15) 24:33 Laura Knogler First Timer. 16) 24:35 Alex Passa First Timer. 17) 24:57 Richard Breakspear First Timer. 18) 25:00 Tav First Timer. 19) 25:01 Samantha Ismail-Epps First Timer. 20) 25:06 Fraser Mashiter First Timer. 21) 25:32 Nick Moore First Timer. 22) 25:39 Laura W First Timer. 23) 25:47 Juli Wood First Timer. 24) 26:00 Liz* First Timer. 25) 26:12 Richard Borrowdale First Timer. 26) 26:31 Katie_g First Timer. 27) 26:57 Alex Moylett First Timer. 28) 27:10 Alex I First Timer. 29) 27:58 Simon R-J First Timer. 30) 28:24 Tasha Watts First Timer. 31) 28:47 Karl Savill First Timer. 32) 28:53 Rebecca Marston First Timer. 33) 29:09 Sian Stockport First Timer. 34) 29:12 Emperor Matt (Ret.) First Timer. 35) 29:28 Tony Coyne First Timer. 36) 29:34 Jen Douglas First Timer. 37) 29:35 Paul S First Timer. 38) 30:01 Nicola Stevenson First Timer. 39) 30:20 Vaguely Northern Darren First Timer. 40) 30:24 Helen Emerson* First Timer. 41) 30:37 Sinead First Timer. 42) 30:39 Becky Selman First Timer. 43) 30:45 Sally First Timer. 44) 31:12 Jo Michael First Timer. 45) 32:00 Jane Yelloly First Timer. 46)= 32:10 Bethan Greenaway First Timer. 46)= 32:10 Maurice First Timer. 48) 32:45 Rosie Sayers First Timer. 49) 32:52 Allora Kingston First Timer. 50) 32:56 Jess M First Timer. 51) 33:01 Colchester* First Timer. 52) 33:17 Sophie Lack First Timer. 53) 33:50 Laura Pickard First Timer. 54) 34:07 CJ Jessup First Timer. 55) 34:37 Daryl V First Timer. 56) 35:08 Jo O'Leary First Timer. 57) 35:53 Emily Rivers First Timer. 58) 36:00 Matt Burton First Timer. 59) 36:44 Sue MacDermott First Timer. 60) 36:55 Katy (GG Norwich family) First Timer. 61) 37:06 Allan Mansfield First Timer. 62) 37:13 Emily Skyrme* First Timer. 63) 39:01 Julie M First Timer. 64) 40:16 Judy Knapp First Timer. 65) 40:43 Elizabeth Halford First Timer. 66) 41:55 Andy Billy Baxter Ralph Picao* First Timer. 67) 42:01 Tara Isherwood First Timer. 68) 42:02 Gina J First Timer. 69) 45:18 SaraP First Timer. 70) 46:09 Michelle Andrews First Timer. 71) 50:54 Melanie Young First Timer. 72) 55:00 David Ewens First Timer. 73) 57:45 Bill Edmonds First Timer. 74) 1:02:30 Iain McWass* First Timer. 75) 1:06:48 Lenka First Timer. 76) 1:14:00 Pauline Harrison First Timer.

(An asterisk means the person hasn't filled in the registration form https://forms.gle/Ke7hCFamgZmxSDDFA).

If your name isn't on here, it's because you didn't submit a time, please remember to do this in future weeks, that's if you want your time recorded :-)

You can also see age graded results via this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/406276916245285.

Here's some other statistics Melanie has put together.

76 - Number of GG(n)parkrunners. 76 - Number of First Timers. 0 - Number of VPBs. 32:34 - Average Time. 18:32 - Course Record. 22:25 - Female Record. 18:32 - Male Record.

0.76 - Average Feeling Improvement. 41 - Feeling better 22 - Feeling the same 11 - Feeling worse

Well done for everyone for taking part, I hope it continues to be popular and grow over the coming weeks.

I now hand over the baton to GoodGym Stockport, who will ne hosting next week's GoodGym (not) parkrun.

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Ellen completed a walk • Cold hack
Sat 9 Jan
Thu 7 Jan
Ellen signed up to a training session
Training session


Sun 31 Jan 23:00 pm
Not Known, ???, ???
January Challenge Edition

This year's January challenge is about distance only due to Covid restrictions, each area is in a team with 6 or 7 other areas. Starting from the 07th January we have a new BINGO card to try to complete. Challenge yourself, you can complete a line (including diagonally) or go for the FULL HOUSE and complete all 25.

Do it for fun anyway that you want, or let your competitive side loose.

Competition Rules 1. Activity can be walking, running or cycling. 2. Each square must be completed on a different day. 3. To get a line each square must be completed in order. 4. Photo evidence will be required.

Please send any photos to michael@goodgym.org letting me know which square they are for, or directly to my WhatsApp. This will be for the report.

Bingo Card

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Ellen signed up to a training session
Training session

GoodGym (not)parkrun - Week 1

Sat 9 Jan 23:59 pm
., ., ., .
Improve fitness levels

GoodGym Norwich are hosting the first national GoodGym (not)parkrun, which will be hosted by a different GoodGym area each week during lockdown and get everyone involved in the January Challenge 2021.

You can complete your 5K any time on Saturday and submit your time here by midnight on Saturday.

A big shout out to Melanie Young @ GoodGym Bristol for creating the results form and who will put the results together. To let her know your email address and other useful information, there's a one-off registration form to complete.

My target is for at least 100 people from GoodGym across the UK to take part ;-)

If you'd like a photo to be included in the run report, please take a selfie and email it to steven@goodgym.org or WhatsApp to 07765966500.

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